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  1. I wish I could upvote this comment... I feel very deceived because Wildcard made it out to seem like they gave a poop about Fear Evolved and Raptor Claus. I will also take everything in the Q&A with a grain of salt, because they've outright lied in the Q&A before (Go look at the old Q&A's, many "yes we're going to add that" with no mention or no inclusion on the subject afterwards) I really do hope all the missed events means that Wildcard has been spending this time optimising so that a 6gb GTX 1060 can manage a stable 30 frames in 1440p resolution. This game has the worst optimization I've seen. ARK is the only game I own that doesn't run well in 1440p. The fact that the XB 1 X is only doing 30 FPS/1440p @ 'High' pc equivalent settings is proof of that. 30 FPS is terrible -borderline unplayable- and when it comes to ARK, 30 FPS locked is going to have dips into the low 20's in populated bases and in areas with lots of dinos. How is this acceptable?
  2. ShawnWolf


    "soft"? Not to derail the thread, but how exactly do you trick a VAC ban? Sounds like a million dollar question to me TBH
  3. ShawnWolf

    Singleplayer Ideas

    What I did was set my console key to something on my keyboard, I pressed a bunch of buttons at once and immediately saved so I wouldn't know how to access the console. And I still don't.
  4. ShawnWolf

    Singleplayer Ideas

    I agree and I think that there should be a mechanic that makes creatures like large carnivore attracted to big bases. I could picture starving T-rex trying to find a way into someones base. Lots of tames and humans in there.
  5. ShawnWolf


    Yeah I could see that happening on Playstation but not on PC. There's too much of a market for computers and computer games to be banned for using racial slurs on PC. It's not like a playstation that only cost 200 or 300 bucks for a new one.
  6. ShawnWolf


    Are you sure about this? I have met hundreds of people on Steam that use the N word all the time even on their profiles and in their name and afaik have never been banned. I think you have to be doing something worse than just using racial slurs to get a VAC ban. And as far as the topic goes, /whisper /ignore and /report should have been implemented into the game a long time ago. Would stop the annoying people that spam chat trying to demand peoples' attention with capital letters and swear words
  7. ShawnWolf

    Bush people Mod

    It's doubtful. What Wildcard really needs to do is suck up their pride and accept the fact that they're going to need to create human NPC AI for the Vanilla experience. After Conan fixed their AI, utilising Thralls and fighting NPCs became an enjoyable experience. Even Minecraft has 'human' NPCs and villages, which add a ton of replayability to the game. When I was a kid playing Minecraft, I would begin the game by rushing to find a NPC village to build in and build a wall around. I spent hours making Castle towns out of the villages and building huge forts. I've had some good times in ARK with the dinos but I would enjoy being able to go to a village and trade with NPCs or kill them idc something. Dossiers talking about these old tribes and survivors yet we never see or meet any of them. It's a damn shame
  8. ShawnWolf

    NPC/Thralls Ark mod/Addon?

    NPCs would be a great addition. NPC bush people mod just doesn't cut it. I've had the mod installed properly for ages and I've only ever come across a few fist bush people
  9. ShawnWolf

    Question about SSD Storage space

    I could actually do what DarthaNyan is saying, which is genius, but a low SSD space warning would be pestering me until the end of time.
  10. ShawnWolf

    Question about SSD Storage space

    So a bit of an update... Windows 10 OS is using most of my SSD space. I considered reinstalling Windows on my 1TB HDD but I decided against it because I prefer having a quicker responding computer. It's not worth sacrificing that just to eliminate the ten minute wait when I boot a heavily modded ARK.
  11. ShawnWolf

    New Pteranadon Behavior?

    Are trackers still randomly disappearing off of tames and becoming huge if you stick them to certain creatures in particular? I stopped using trackers before because they were buggy (go figure)
  12. Never encountered a problem like this before, but judging by the nature of the problem you could try: Setting the servers GameUserSettings.INI to READ ONLY with your mod IDs in the activemodlist Locate ARK's folder through Steam, right click the game-> Properties -> Browse Local Files (My Steam folder is located in D:\Games\steamapps\common\ARK) and ensure that you have full permissions. you could also try making the ARK folder and the entirety of it's contents not READ ONLY
  13. When I think of Vampirism and Lycanthropy being done right in a RPG game, The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind comes to mind. Here's an example of what Lycanthropy does in TES3, taken from the elder scrolls wikia Vampirism has a bit more complicated of an explanation, but I still think it's worth sharing.
  14. ShawnWolf

    Taming Skill

    Sounds like Zoology mod to me
  15. ShawnWolf

    AFK Fix incoming - Source : Reddit

    "dead" as in literally dead, or just not available to help the community for now? Edit: Nevermind, I looked into the reddit post