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  1. I wish I could upvote this comment... I feel very deceived because Wildcard made it out to seem like they gave a poop about Fear Evolved and Raptor Claus. I will also take everything in the Q&A with a grain of salt, because they've outright lied in the Q&A before (Go look at the old Q&A's, many "yes we're going to add that" with no mention or no inclusion on the subject afterwards) I really do hope all the missed events means that Wildcard has been spending this time optimising so that a 6gb GTX 1060 can manage a stable 30 frames in 1440p resolution. This game has the worst optimization I've seen. ARK is the only game I own that doesn't run well in 1440p. The fact that the XB 1 X is only doing 30 FPS/1440p @ 'High' pc equivalent settings is proof of that. 30 FPS is terrible -borderline unplayable- and when it comes to ARK, 30 FPS locked is going to have dips into the low 20's in populated bases and in areas with lots of dinos. How is this acceptable?
  2. Linux version has been screwed up since ever. I doubt they have plans to fix the Linux version anytime soon. There have been many complaints about it not running or functioning properly on Linux over the past year and nothing has been done. Also, they don't need to add the SE engrams to the Island. You can just take your character to Scorched Earth and learn the Engrams there, then on your other ARK you can build and place the Wind Turbines normally. You just probably will have to get some of the resources from Scorched Earth beforehand. The main reason I doubt that SE engrams will make it to the Island is because it's missing a lot of the required resources. (both figuratively and literally)
  3. This new DLC screams Pitch Black to me. I hope that we can transfer from/to this ARK at some point or another. I wouldn't mind temporarily being trapped on the new ARK but I would be very disappointed if transfers in/out are impossible. Would love to use the wing suit on The Center and Ragnarok
  4. This would not work very well. Trust me, I know. On PC when playing with a controller before one of the more recent updates, you'd have to use the cursor instead of the selection box that consoles have. It was very bad. If you own the PC version there is no point in playing with a controller, even with the update that removed the awful cursor.
  5. Dark and Light has it's downfalls. One of them being no breeding, this mechanic is part of what makes ARK fun and Dark and Light lacks it. Also Dark and Light has no first person view, maybe that's for the better but I realised how much of a luxury good first and third person animations are after playing Dark and Light. I really couldn't play much of Dark and Light after I bought my first horse, its flaws showed there most of all. Dark and Light is very early access and needs a lot of work in all departments. Dark and Light badly needs optimisation. I can run ARK at higher than 30 frames and Epic on my laptop, I also have a g-sync screen so drops below 30 are not very noticeable for me. With Dark and Light, it takes at least 10 minutes to launch the singleplayer game and even with new hardware you may lose a few frames in the starter cities. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Dark and Light, it's a good game. Dark and Light just feels different than ARK, and you can only gather that by putting some time into it yourself.
  6. I hope the game is released on the appropriate platforms on time. Now it's not going to affect me or bother me, but I believe there will be a bit of an uproar if you go back on what has been stated at E3. I'm obviously underestimating the situation when I say "a bit". I guess we shall see how things goes.
  7. I don't know if bush people will make it to XBOX, it is a sponsored mod so maybe? What I do know is that NPC bush people still has bugs that need to be ironed out. For example, There is a taming bug that can cause your dinos and anything you're trying to tame stop eating. That seems to be linked with having a bush person nearby. Some NPCs do build bases, there are different classes of npcs, and they do raid you after you reach a set level. But for some reason the bush people are extremely tough even when they are low level. This makes them feel more like fighting an NPC than a player,. They are also pretty stupid (their pathing is pretty janky i.e they'll step back and forth while trying to fight you and often times, this can give you the advantage in a fight against them) Don't let me discourage you though, the NPCs in the bush people mod are smarter than the NPCs in Conan: Exiles.
  8. Indeed. Cheaters and hackers unbalance and kill games. Garry's Mod is a great example of this, most if not all PVP game-modes (in Garry's Mod) have script and hack-abusing server admins and players. These people don't even cheat to hurt the game, they just cheat because they're afraid of being killed in the game and insulted. (Picture included to show you that I know what I'm talking about) In regards to ARK, it will not suffer the same fate.
  9. duping and DDOS are still a thing.
  10. Thanks for all of your hard work! I'm digging the recent pc update
  11. Then like I was saying before I edited. Request backing up worlds for console. You would not have this problem if you had the ability to back up your worlds to begin with
  12. Also, 32 points in fortitude in Single Player? Is there something I'm missing here because that's pretty funny
  13. Woah. Just realised you weren't talking about xb1. Where did I get that from? Sorry.
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