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  1. Thats the thing am not they are still spawning, i think he wants it for hik self.
  2. Basically I've built in redwood on rag near the beaver dams and ge didnt like it so told me to move i said no, next thing he says I'll brb an brings a wyvern, then tells me thats a warning.
  3. How do i report for kiting on offical he openly admitted to it as well and now have screen shot of it, is it pointless or shall i follow it up.
  4. How do i report some one for kiting, he even openly admitted it in chat and got screen shots of it.
  5. Tried multiple rag serversand everyone is pillered and people refusing to remove the pillers,is this what this game has come to, i dont do pvp and just want to pve but seems impossible now on offical pve servers.
  6. So went to start again on ark to see if there been any improvements, to my surprise you actually can't build any where people refuse to move pillers, so how can i play a game i purchased seriously, are tou sorting the piller blockers out or what.
  7. Thanks knew there was some people on this game with common sense.
  8. So decided to redownload ark and start fresh, but is there any point with most servers being pillered and people refusing to remove them am on xbox one and looking at pve, done enough pvp to last me a life time always get rolled or insided so pve is where am heading.
  9. With extinction on the way will all the tek engrams be unlocked, be stupid to have tek engrams you can unlock but still have to do boss fights to unlock the others.
  10. Created 4 and no was Don't know what happens, reckon they be awhile by the look on Twitter everyone lost a lot.
  11. So after the performance of yesterday and the roll back which I lost a baby lightning wyvern to and a adult fire wyvern this morning topped off how broke the game actually is, had a event baby fire wyvern, went to get the milk and transfer it to my server only to wait 30minutes for the transfer timer, got to 2 minutes and boom 10 bottles of wyvern milk gone, and by the time I had to get more baby wyvern was gone, thanks to the amazing lag and bugged ridden game I now got no chance of a event wyvern So thank you ever so much.
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