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  1. Does anybody know if the Dino Damage and Dino Resistance sliders in the settings menu only affect wild creatures, tamed, or both?
  2. Sorry about your tames, the safest and most affordable option I can think of is using cryopods. The water creatures have always felt too aggressive regardless of map. Yet, they live in blissful harmony with each other. Wild dino AI in the water doesn’t feel very fleshed out, and it’s a gripe with the ocean biome I sure many people here share.
  3. Ah, thank you! I’m glad it’s nothing, I was thinking I might get a random death message saying my whale went belly up.
  4. I 've noticed this weird little detail on my basilo lately and since it's a purely water tame, I'm feeling a bit confused and worried for my whale. Has anyone else seen this before? Top right, directly below its xp bar.
  5. XD I agree though, give them a week (if even that long) and they'll be over it. It really is just a game at the end of the day.
  6. It seems to be on twitter, primarily. I only read the unhappy comments there because, for whatever reason, I sort of find it a little entertaining how upset some people seem to be over the results.
  7. Unfortunately, no matter which creature ended up winning the vote, there would still be people getting angry about it. It just isn’t something that can be avoided. The best thing to do is look forward to the fact that we’re getting 3 new creatures and a map for free, that’s pretty cool. While I voted for the Yi-qi, I’m still very excited about getting the dinopithicus. Really I would’ve honestly been happy with any of the final candidates (shoulder pets included).
  8. I'm a little curious about what will happen with the Titanoboa, as I'm decently sure that the only reason that it was made tamable at all was simply for their eggs, and the only reason I tamed mine apart from looking nice. I wonder if their eggs will be used in higher rarity kibble or if they will return to their sole role as an environmental hazard.
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