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  1. I was going to advertise this server like an infomercial but I don't have the patience for it, so I'll just give a rundown. Right now it is a PC hosted PvPvE server, on Rag. Here are stats. Gather rates at 3x(only slightly higher than weekend rates on official) 5x Tame (Double dino lvl cap to 300, so effectively it is x2.5) 3x Breed rates Offline Raid Prot enabled (Pvp stands for Player Vs Player, not Player Vs Base) Rule free server (Admins are strictly no interference, prepare accordingly.) Stats per Level are lightly boosted on only survivor, to compensate for increased dino lvl cap.(Might be nerfed if it is to much) Future plans include custom drops. and admin hosted events such Jousting tourneys, The Colosseum, and Trophy Tame hunts, plus more. Also at the end of this month the owner will be adding in one map to the cluster, another at the end of next. First will likely be Extinction, then Abberation, unless the outcry from the community is large enough. Remember to load up the Primitive Plus total conversion and search under unofficial pc server. The name of the server is something random the owner came up with, so you may want to write this one down. Jogando Bishido Nunu, like I said, random, just searching Nunu should bring it up. Bear in mind that this server should be treated like as though in early access. Everything is subject to change, and input from the community will influence these changes. Discord pending....
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