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  1. What about items or people? Can i transfer my char over? Building materials taming help things, like narcotics and stuff?
  2. Not only pillared but like ragna not enough server, thus an overload will occour 70/70 all the time. Then no restriction on tribes allowed to set up on server, thus 100+ tribes with 40 dinos each and taming cap be reached. Same as it is with ragna right now where each weekend the taming cap is reached. 500 dinos per tribes is good but useless if the amount of tribes and people is not restricted that can settle on a server in total. Would be an easy fix count the tribes. Single player count as tribe till they join one. After limit is hit, they get a message max count of tribes reached. If
  3. Sha


    i would be interested in your horses, unicorns and maybe quez, depending if adult or egg.

    i have so far only hyaenodons for trade or ingots 


  4. not sure how to pm, but do you still have the male unicorns? we got a female, pls let me know

    1. Martellus


      I haven't seen them yet on our server. I went back thru my posts to make sure I didn't said something that could suggest otherwise. The discussion was that all Unicorns found were females, and I inquired if anyone had a male to prove the breeding theory. Like yourself, we are incredibly curious if they can be successfully bred, which would be awesome for  other tribes.

      As far as the discussion went, nobody had a male yet. 

      According to this thread (further below), once a Unicorn is tamed, a new wild one should be spawned, which is weird as I understood only one could exist regardless of its wild vs tamed situation. Also, they say that a Unicorn only breeds with another Unicorn. Please view link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/133261907147355622/

      As for the thread I participated on the Unicorn discussion, Harrist14 posted a video which I haven't seen in its entirety yet, but claims to have bred Unicorns, I have skipped some parts and they do breed two unicorns, its just not very clear how they got the pair.

      Hope this helps, sorry for the delay in my response. Cheers!

    2. Sha


      no worries, i did understand you had one, my bad must have misread it... still looking for Lady Amalthea mate :D

  5. hello pielord,

    do you still trade unicorns, we got a female and would like to breed her, contact me pls via steam

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