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    You should probably verify the integrity of your game files. I have never heard of this bug from anyone else.
  2. I've been playing on PVP official servers since ark came out. Wildcard has made a lot of money with their dlc releases and I wouldn't be surprised if they invested most of that money into making ATLAS. When you look at Extinction and how hyped it was but when it came out was kind of a flop in terms of game balance and stability. They clearly directed the least amount of money they could into developing Extinction. Also with adding titans, it really seems like they are giving players and easy way to wipe any base because they know ark cant really go any further and wanted people to have a fun (or not fun lmao) way to end their ark career. The ark we play now is still built on an only 2015 model that is very polished looking on the top but the bottom is still a dirty mess that is hard to fix. Most problems ark has nowadays are still due to old programming and map designs that do not fulfill their purpose for 2018 ark. All that to say that I think that ATLAS has had alot of money poured into it so there is good chance that it will be a good game. I mean they got their trailer in the 2018 game awards... If Wildcard takes everything they learned from ark and carries it over to Grapeshot, the game could be well made. After reading the description of the game on Steam, I will say the ideas are very ambitious and, if pulled off correctly, are very promising. I will be buying ATLAS for sure. I have high hopes for this game and I hope it is not a lagfest of glitches and dupes and underwater meshing and ddos ghosting cancer hole that ark once was. Lmao i got a bit carried away but this is my opinion.
  3. Little did he know there was a cave under him....
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