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  1. Thanks for reply, so the "show engrams" button is unclickable, and the crafting tab only shows blueprints in the rep. I also restarted game, lastest version.
  2. Replicator does not show any engrams in the inventory After the eggcellent adventures started, our crafting adventure stopped. No seriously most of our replicators don't show engrams inside them after this new update. As you can see, the "show engrams" button in the top right is grayed out and not clickable. help plz DILO is happen Edit: Crafting tab only shows blueprints in the inventory of the rep.
  3. Ambergris too heavy to feed to baby magmasaur As the title suggests, we have hatched a magmasaur but the food, from what I've gathered is ambergris, but it weights 5 per but the baby magmasaur cant carry it. Anyone found a way to feed a baby magmasaur?
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