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  1. Retorik

    livestream Come join us!

    Hey guys, I'm a new streamer and I do play Ark among others with my boyfriend and some other friends. Currently I'm working on getting my tel equipment installed, killing Manticores on So Scorched Earth. Stop by and say hi sometime. If you're interested in other games check out my videos on YouTube as the content grows! Typically on around 10pm Eastern. Hope to see ya there! -Ret https://go.twitch.tv/retalosferocious https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTH_AfOd0CRz77AMNFdCqg
  2. Retorik

    Generator Damage and Wind Turbines

    I'm not sure if this is related but I have an issue that my wind turbine in a 85% wind location on a mountain top directly beneath Red Obelisk loses power when my generator dies due to this not shutting off and needing constant maintenance. Has this happened to anyone else? A fix for this would be super nice. Electricity is such a hassle to deal with. Surely by now someone's found a fix?
  3. Retorik

    Please include an Auto-Run button

    I agree!! Especially since they don't allow movement speed leveling anymore!
  4. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    To be honest, even on consoles, there are people who pay for private server use. It would be nice to have options. They had it once before, they should make it optional or adjustable again for those of us who pay extra for the freedom to customize our server or singleplayer game at least.
  5. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    In reality, the nerf to the stats was fine (still dislike it but I can work around that) but the movement speed thing was crucial to my ability to justify investing my time in the game because I was actually able to accomplish things. Without it, I'm logging in every once in a while but I have to devote my whole day off to just doing maintenance between bases and don't get to do much else unless I play in full creative mode basically which takes away from the point of the game. Idunno.. Maybe a box to select whether the stat can be changed would be perfect. Nothing crazy.
  6. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    I have not seen a box that can be checked that allows level up points to be put into movement speed on flying mounts. This is specific to my PC version through steam. Maybe it's different on consoles?
  7. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    Please, if you guys know anyone else that's interested in having this as an option encourage them to mention it here. I'm not sure what's needed to grab their attention but it can't hurt! Thank you guys for reading and commenting!
  8. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    Thank you.
  9. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    I understand that but I'm only asking for it on my personal (private server) and singleplayer. I don't disagree with it for any other place, just not the servers where I'm the only one playing because I don't want to play on a public server. We can customize everything else. This is one that I'm requesting for those who do not play on public or official servers. This is not an opinion that I'm stating or posting my view for debate. Just a simple suggestion for the game that was once there previously so that those of us who do not want the change to be reversible on our own private little spaces.
  10. Retorik

    Dead horse?

    I can probably not count as high as the number of players who have requested/suggested this but personally, I would like to see the option be reinstated for custom servers and single player to be able to increase the flyer speeds. I play this game by myself with no tribe to help at a rate of very little time to play at any given time and having a fast flyer was a very important thing for my enjoyment of this game. I've been with it since inception and have struggled through everything it's gone through including some horrifying deaths of self and tames that were caused due to this adjustment. I understand the need on official servers or pvp servers and since I don't play on any of those the changes did not benefit me. The Classic Flyers mod has been the go-to fix for this and while I am thrilled of its existence, I would much rather see the option just offered in the ini files like it was before for those of us who do not like or want (still to this day) that nerf to flyers. Mods get heavy on the computer and internet and so using mods is a band-aid fix for something that could be adjusted seemingly easily due to the fact that it was already in existence previously. The current stats for that mod download are as follows: 143,814 Unique Visitors 491,190 Current Subscribers 3,978 Current Favorites So, it stands to reason that there are at least 491,190 people that did not agree with this change and are resorting to alternative methods to fix the issue. I had to leave the game because I no longer had enough time to play it since it took entirely too long even with modified gathering rates and other adjustments to get anything done. Especially if I had to travel to get the resources. I had hoped that there would have been some sort of resolution to this seeing as there were so many incredible mods that got incorporated into the game. I'm not sure how many players have to want something before it becomes an interest to a developer but that seems like a lot. If we could simply get the option if we own a server or play single player to modify that stat again it would be simply the best thing ever. Please.