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  1. Retorik

    livestream Come join us!

    Hey guys, I'm a new streamer and I do play Ark among others with my boyfriend and some other friends. Currently I'm working on getting my tel equipment installed, killing Manticores on So Scorched Earth. Stop by and say hi sometime. If you're interested in other games check out my videos on YouTube as the content grows! Typically on around 10pm Eastern. Hope to see ya there! -Ret https://go.twitch.tv/retalosferocious https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTH_AfOd0CRz77AMNFdCqg
  2. Retorik

    Generator Damage and Wind Turbines

    I'm not sure if this is related but I have an issue that my wind turbine in a 85% wind location on a mountain top directly beneath Red Obelisk loses power when my generator dies due to this not shutting off and needing constant maintenance. Has this happened to anyone else? A fix for this would be super nice. Electricity is such a hassle to deal with. Surely by now someone's found a fix?