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  1. Me & a few other tribes have our official island server pillar'd to give it to new tribes. This games toxic as hell
  2. I usually run 9 good stat spinos(because of the damage & speed boost in water), 10 megathiriums(because of the inspect buff), and a good yuty(obviously for courage buff). Never had the team dynamic fail me, but i will say no matter what strat you use a good saddle bp usually over rules stats. For example 15khp 555m rexs struggled with hard brood for me w/ jm saddles but my 34khp 1072m rexs only need prim saddles lol
  3. Islands the same way unfortunately fellas, I'm running into a 1 in 10 ration for bee spawns. i'd say its safe to say they screwed something up w/ either the latest patch or genesis
  4. Megacheleon Breeding Been seeing more and more maps have the ability to breed the Megacheleon (The Center, Ragnarok, Valgeruo) and was curious to know if the island has the ocean depth to allow them to breed?? I figured it would since the magma's can be bred in the volcano and they're being made able to breed on other story related maps so why would the megacheleon be treated with the same manor? If anyone knows anything feel free to add the coordinates to the thread because i'm highly interested in breeding them during the Easter event. Thanks in advance! Happy arking!
  5. The hell can't some of the servers log on for?? Legit
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