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  1. Replaced the video card. Game launches and runs fine now. Not sure why it mattered or if it was just coincidence. I tried it one last time before replacing and it crashed. After replacement and driver update it launched fine.
  2. Here is an error that is happening... Log Name: Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime/Admin Source: Microsoft-Windows-AppModel-Runtime Date: 2/6/2018 7:22:07 PM Event ID: 69 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Process User: SYSTEM Computer: SERVER2 Description: Failed with 0x490 modifying AppModel Runtime status for package StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1.6.770.2_x64__1w2mm55455e38 for user SERVER2\jcmey (current status = 0x0, desired status = 0x20). Event Xml: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win
  3. ... and that didn't work either. Who do I have to kill to get this working???
  4. ... And that didn't work either. Now to download Fallout Shelter. When are we going to get a fix for this? It seems fairly random. I have two identical machines... one works, one doesn't.
  5. So it finished installing overnight. I tried to start it, and it crashed. I checked the event log... nothing. Now to download Scorched Earth I guess....
  6. Okay, so I decided to reinstall Windows 10. Installation went smoothly... did all my updates. Now I am on to downloading (again) the main Ark package. I already have DCOM 10016 errors. They started when I started the download. I don't think this is going to end well. EDIT: Okay, I am looking through my other machine's log (the one that is working) and its got the same DCOM errors... but it works? That doesn't sound like it is the problem then. What do I know though...
  7. I have now installed Fallout Shelter.... which does launch without crashing. Meanwhile, Ark doesn't.
  8. Okay, this is BS. So I have two identical machines. One works and one doesn't. So I clone the working one to the non-working one. STILL doesn't work.
  9. So I have this issue on a brand new install of Windows 10. I like others have set up a "family member" (Silver Account) to run the server. I logged Silver into the computer, then logged into the app store with Gold. I got the game downloaded and installed... and like others here, it crashes upon launch. This is my only app store game right now, so I haven't experienced it with other games. I am installing Scorched Earth now. We will see if that helps. Funny thing though... this is the second server I am setting up. The first one didn't have these issues (different Silver Account, d
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