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  1. I think its more a problem of they cant fix meshing not unwillingness to cuzz they built the game from the ground up wrong. Good Job WC banning your faithful players who try and defend against the cheaters. Their investigation skills are pathetic.
  2. Kiss your ass goodbye and look for a new game to play. Try and go into the mesh and you get banned for fighting meshers. Broken ass game.
  3. Must be nice. I went into the mesh to fight off meshers and left 1 sleeping bag in their by mistake after and get perma banned. Total bullsh*t. Tribe mates submitted tickets about us getting attacked by meshers all week and I was only one with the balls to try and fight them off and find their beds. #BROKENGAME #DUMBDEVS
  4. PBK


    Clearly Leebum has never been mek rushed or meshed. We had 6 Dodo Rex pulled out on us in one night and 20+ duped meks on the field we had to fight. Server pop got to about 110 that night. Weekend long battle. Safe to say our TP got wiped. Consistently meshers and dupers show up to try and wipe our legit server. Our server was DDOS the whole Extra Life event and didnt get to raise a single thing and we actually had tribe mates who donated to the event. The game is broken as F. Clearly Leebum is a bob since he didnt even know Meks could be level 282. So you can either watch your base get wiped by cheaters or try and fight fire with fire and maybe get banned by devs, at least you tried and didnt just roll over and let the toxic cheaters steam roll you. I feel your pain LLkms and Cocob1
  5. Who else missed entire 8x+ event because DDOS Gotta love missing the whole 8x+ event because some jackass decides to DDOS the entire server. A week worth of prep gone, babies dieing everywhere, juvi and adolescents starving, completely messed up imprints like 20% on a full grown gigas. Its sad that support tickets and server outage reports went up and Devs did nothing. If your server goes down you have a better chance at finding a DDOS'er on your side to attack the enemy DDOS'er and get your server lifted because if you wait for Devs to do anything all your stuff going to starve. Isnt it sad that a 16 year old hacker can get into Ark servers? We even had people in our tribe/server who actually donated to the charity event and couldnt even play the game. Some of my tribe mates took a day off work to be on for the event... what a waste. We had a person bragging about how they are DDOS'ing the server and they dont even play Ark anymore (so they say) they just wanted to ruin the event for everyone. Have screen shots and proof yet nothing ever happens. Ban the DDOS'er account, he just gets a new one or gets someone else to hop on the server to get IP Its so sad and pathetic there are people out there who take pleasure in others misery like this, and of all times a charity event. If you a reading this and you know one of those DDOS'ers whos idea of fun is taking servers offline just to F with people, watch out because there is something wrong with them in the head and most likely display more than a fair share of traits found in murderers. Wonder how many others had their server DDOS during event?
  6. Thanks wild card for not pre-announcing 2x egg incubation! eggs hatching while at work... Piles and piles of dead babies! I know its Halloween soon but that's a twisted f*ing joke
  7. PS4 Item/Dino Transfers have been disabled for what over 2 weeks now!? You acknowledge that this is a HUGE inconvenience and it is! What if people had babies raising on other servers? What if your base location requires you to transfer in resources? What if your other base or ally tribe on other server under attack? What if you had a second base with no tames on a diff server and have to fill generators? What if someone is raising dragons or drakes off the original server? Above and beyond all that its getting really boring with no PVP and being on a dead server. I totally get you have to disable transfers to fix your issue but to inconvenience the entire PS4 community because of someone who broke the rules with no compensation is quite ridiculous.The very least you guys can do is just keep 2x active for peets sake. Ive been stuck solo grinding on Center when normally id just bring a black box amount of metal back from ab and call it a day lol...
  8. Anyone know if this glitch spot got fixed yet? To afraid and lazy to retest lol
  9. I have been playing Ark since betta launch and I have listed my few suggestions for TLC update on dinos below. Titanboa - Because you cannot saddle or mount the Titanboa and with the addition of the Basilisk, the titanboa serves little to no use aside from an annoyance in the wild. It is much easier to tame Scorpions and Frogs if you are looking for a tame that provides torpor during each hit. The only plus it may have is it may be able to go through doors as its smaller? In the stock photo of the the Titanboa there is a sort of like King Cobra frill on its neck which is not present in the real version. The snake doesnt look intimidating enough. Above and beyond the Titanboa needs some sort of ability possibly related to real snake abilities. For example, snakes are exceptionally well at picking up ground vibrations, maybe the Titanboa can have some visual tell, hissing excessively, tounges extended etc.. when walking large enemy dinos on ground are in range which would act as warning device for player or tribe and provide a viable reason enough for someone to tame them that shouldnt break the dino. Maybe give them the ability to sniff out wild eggs similar to how Troodon activation abilities work. Snakes naturally shed their skin to grow, could the Titanboa have an option to "shed skin" and gain some kind of a buff for a short duration, perhaps an "egg sniffing" ability range is increased, or maybe movement speed. Finally, what if Titanboa venom could be harvested for some sort of Narc weapon/dart and not just using its glands for boss fight. Diplocaulus - I used this dino in beta stage in the first 3 months a long time ago and since then there has been no reason to even try and get another one. It dies in like 2 hits, only benefit is provides oxygen and chiten harvest bonus which in the grand scheme of things makes this an extremely useless dino. Back in the day its movement speed was so fast that it would pass trilobites before rendering them. In the entire time I have played this game (since pre launch) I have NEVER seen a person tame or ride one, and I am included my ally tribes I played with. It looks derpy and cartoonish, abilities are useless for end game players and almost useless for beginners as there are much better options to choose from. I would love for a reason to pick one of these guys up again but really cant find one. Maybe if it passively produced oil or something would give it more of a reason to be tamed. Maybe when you take oxygen from it gives you a buff and continues for a short time after dismounted. Maybe simply give it an underwater dash ability so can get away from enemies in a pinch using the idea of it being "skittish". Please make this guy useful again. ARTHROPLUERA - Saw a lot of good ideas previously posted so wont spam and talk about it. Does desperately need a visual FACE lift. Body looks fine, face looks kind of cartoonish. I was staring one in the face last night when trying to tame one. Didnt look "buggie" enough. Pincers coming from the mouth should be elongated and dripping venom/spit. Antenna should move more fluidly and tend to blend into dino and become unnoticeable. Raptor - I would love to see the Raptor get an update in mechanics but know how hard that would be for be for balancing since its considered a starter dino. The Raptor is one of the most iconic dinos that everyone knows but after a week of getting your base up the Raptors use is only good for Kibble as there are so many other viable mounts to choose from that are better like the saber, dire wolf and now the Ravager which completely puts it to shame. With the introduction of the ravager the raptor has become completely useless for aberration players. I just hate to see the most iconic dino and my personal favorite dino become completely useless. The Raptor is supposed to be stealthy and fast. Maybe once tamed it could have an ability. Maybe a larger or longer jump, speed boost with a pack or perhaps the ability to move silently? Maybe it could have some kind of mechanic like the Rhino where it can pick up speed the longer it runs. Thanks for a great game Wild Card. Keep up the good work!
  10. I have highlighted the area where the glitch is with a red circle in the Ragnarok map. If you drive a raft through this area your boat with be instantly auto decay destroyed and you will be transported to the mountain side where most likely a hungry wild dragon is waiting for its next meal. If you attempt to jump back down to the water to retrieve the decaying bags you will be once again be transported to the mountain side while you watch all your loot disappear. I have submitted a ticket for this bug FYI folks as I have lost 4 rafts with items already. I have never drove through the area on a motor boat so not sure if its just raft or both. All passengers on raft get transported with you as well even if thats an enemy who just landed on your boat to blow it up! This is a great area for a solo player or starter tribe with a boat in my opinion as you get natural defense cover from raiders by having dragons flying by making it a lot harder for someone to come up and inspect and/or C4 your base/boat especially while offline.
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