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  1. WHAT ABT TEK TRIKES????? serisouly when will we able to transfer them off genesis???
  2. Don't feel bad Official Valg 564 Server is gone once again.... So this makes day 4 i wonder when they are going to actually fix the issue
  3. Thats why there are mods of single player, unofficial severs and Non dedicated server. Everything your asking for them would make the official servers BORING. I like the thrill of taming my own dinos NOT CHEATING everything in. Mindwipe for dinos? are you serious right now? Lord have mercy this is just plain laziness. There are mods that have a good share of everything you asked for.... Why bother playing when your basically asking for the game to play itself and you do nothing... New Furniture go play Prim+
  4. Did you put a tap at the of it? Taps allow you to drink out of it and put objects that can hold water in it to fill them. Putting a tap in the middle of a water pipe also helps water your crops
  5. Whisper and Yell don't work... Also what about the Tek Trikes?? i still can't bring any out of Genesis nor i can bring out tek trike eggs
  6. No, it's being released next thursday
  7. Hoow are you getting June 6th when it says "Prepare your tribe and get ready for another epic adventure! Crystal Isles will be coming to PC on June 4th!"?????
  8. Nope, i tried it in the pods, unpoded and even eggs ... the eggs go poof, the poded tek trikes are unable to be unpoded and the unpoded can't even be uploaded
  9. No one is getting 2x's this weekend, no official servers on any maps... Sad
  10. i been able to transfer back and forth between Val and Gen
  11. Put HLNA in your inventory, i had the same issue took her out of my off hand then i was allowed to transfer
  12. Ov Vey The Lag So i don't know if anyone has report the ungodly amount of lag there is, i don't know if anyone on any other servers is dealing with this. 564 official Valguero server, like every 5 or 10 min or so...
  13. Thank you that seemed to work
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