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  1. Will the steam account achievements also be done on PSN and whatever Xbox accounts as well?
  2. Can you make it so flyers can also walk backwards and swimmers be able to swim backwards please
  3. Collisions need to be fixed on most creatures, we have a karkinos named stuck on twig, because it gets stuck on everything it shouldn't. Also can all the flyers have the ability to walk backwards.
  4. No sweat. I know, but u really liked the patterns. And the upright stance. I can see lowering the stance when you put a platform saddle on it.
  5. I agree with the liopleurodon. I have never actually found a wild one and I have 3 tek underwater base that I operate out of most of the time. I spend much of my time underwater.
  6. I was more suggesting the shapes and patterns, not colors. The colors are limited to the game anyways, just the patterns, shapes, and obviously the textures like the newer creatures.
  7. Here are some ideas for some older one I like.
  8. Had a scorpion named Git Over Here
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