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  1. Went out hunting for Alpha's since I downloaded the Primal Fear Mod and ran into a Primal Direbear (x50 power). Mistakenly thought I could tame it even though the site says unnameable boss and proceeded to pick it up and carry it to a pen to tame until I noticed that my Quetzal was no longer flying but falling and had been eaten in mid air. I didn't notice him being attacked so not sure if I was lagging or what but damn that was painful to lose my favorite Quetzal! If anyone wants to see some of the Dinos in this mod feel free to click the link in my page as these things are awesome
  2. Nothing yet, however I did get my Quetzal Platform last night so I want to build a Quetzal Taming Pen and snag a high level one to post on my channel! I do not have good luck with Quetzals...
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