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  1. is that still possible using gportal for ps4
  2. The Untouchable Cluster Join us on the untouchable cluster
  3. Well the news does suck, but world is not going to end, and here is a truth that can be proven over and over in these forums, If the release had came when we had hoped it was coming, and the issues wildcard stated were still in the game, there would be countless posts of people crying why didnt they just postpone it until they got it fixed..........dont get me wrong i know its not going to be 100% when it is released, but maybe not as broken
  4. well if you read the rules you will find this is such a place .....just saying
  5. NEW PVE Cluster Untouchables Cluster Join us we have friendly admins an a server owner who will jump in and chat with players
  6. I am in the same Boat with you I completed the Tames but still had the Dossier to unlock for the final Boss. after completing it i found myself floating thru space thinking something pretty good awaits as far as unlocks go.............and getting ready to go try out some of the new skins i had been saving............only to find out i get to respawn with nothing zip nada, except i was now starting over, with my mini maps greyed out once again even on the server.........
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