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  1. just started on the PS4 PVE cluster, VAL and RAG, great servers friendly and helpful admins and players This is the first Discord server i have played on and so far the only thing i can say is WOW i like it I am trying to figure out the Discord app on my phone LOL
  2. Ps4 Console I am on the PS4 Console I just tried switching to a PGM map yesterday 2/18/18 on my Rented Nitrado server Everything on the web interface says it is up and running, But when me or my friends go to search for it with our Consoles the server is never found, in fact we cannot find a single PGM server from anyone and yes we have our server search options set correctly My Ps4 software is current and up to date Location :United States, Tennesee Internet: Charter Spectrum 100mgs using wired connection
  3. I am in the same Boat with you I completed the Tames but still had the Dossier to unlock for the final Boss. after completing it i found myself floating thru space thinking something pretty good awaits as far as unlocks go.............and getting ready to go try out some of the new skins i had been saving............only to find out i get to respawn with nothing zip nada, except i was now starting over, with my mini maps greyed out once again even on the server.........
  4. On the PS4 I crash the whole game, if I have played the game and then go to create a PGM or if it is my second attempt at a PGM, My only work around is to start the game and go straight to create PGM once all the settings are plugged in I save it as a template then load the game ........if I need to make changes afterward I reboot the game load the settings from the template make my changes and save it again Every time I try to generate a map without rebooting the game after playing or pgm attempt I crash
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