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  1. Looks nice Wildcard a couple more creature or tilset or armor set would've and still WOULD BE nice or ya know actually being able to play the poop but looks real good so far.
  2. It didn't though, the majority of the people who play the game don't have access to it until Tuesday the 13th because of a DELAY
  3. WELL, when I saw this it's like I was on a rollercoaster and hit a drop. I understand that that for Xbox and Ps4 we have to go through Cert and whatever but I've been in love with this game since it's release on Xbox I've got your map and development team on my wall, bought multiple Xboxes just to run Dedicated servers, bought your collector's edition and much more and TIME AND TIME AGAIN YOU DELAY YOUR raptorING UPDATES you should understand our frustrations we're passionate about OUR game and we want to see it better but this has honestly gone wayyyy too far EVERY SINGLE MAJOR UPDATE DELAY, DELAY, DELAY I can't even remember the last time you dropped content on time (other than the extinction chronicles event) ITS SO MADDENING THAT I'VE SPENT OVER $1500 JUST TO EXPERIENCE THIS GAME AND I CAN'T BECAUSE NOW IT'S raptorING UNAVAILABLE TO ME FOR A WHOLE 7 DAYS I set aside Tuesday November 6th to do nothing but play Ark: Extinction something I've been following since the 3rd day after Aberration's DELAYED RELEASE how long is it going to take for you to be the publisher EVERYONE WANTS YOU TO BE, I bet you wonder why your player base has been shrinking WELL THIS IS NO DOUBT THE BIGGEST REASON this isn't hate this is me expressing my love for the game and the studio I don't want to die, can't you see even your content creators are PISSED same as I THIS WAS YOUR LAST MAJOR DLC I DIDN'T WANT IT TO BE I WAS SCARED YOU'D NEVER UDATE THE GAME AFTER THIS AND YOU'VE DELAYED IT, 7 days, if you Dev's get around to reading this (Which you probably won't since you'll have your hands full with Extinction) just know we're rooting for you and you're doin us dirty, Love you
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