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  1. Same, I'm not hosting my server until this is fixed. It's so sh.itty how we had to wait 3+ weeks for WC to do something. My servers died because of this issue and I spent 2 weeks troubleshooting because I thought it might be an issue on my end.
  2. On my player-dedicated server people disconnect about once every 30 minutes and no one knows why, everything was fine until Fear Evolved 4 update went live and it's really killing. Some of us think it has to do with proximity to the dodorex and the little things that fall from the sky in that background. Honestly I think the event is kinda okay but it's horrible considering all the issues we've been having, it ruins the game and makes me look bad as a server host.
  3. Select "Start" and crash So I've recently been trying to get back into Ark and been having an issue were I start loading the game get to the "Start" button press it and then It says loading in the bottom right, the same thing happens when I try to join off of a player and then I'm either sat there waiting for 5-10 minutes or I crash about a minute after. The game finally began working properly after restarting my console several times (2-3). Out of all the issues I've been having on this game this is one of the more infuriating ones. Please fix, Thank you!
  4. Looks nice Wildcard a couple more creature or tilset or armor set would've and still WOULD BE nice or ya know actually being able to play the poop but looks real good so far.
  5. It didn't though, the majority of the people who play the game don't have access to it until Tuesday the 13th because of a DELAY
  6. WELL, when I saw this it's like I was on a rollercoaster and hit a drop. I understand that that for Xbox and Ps4 we have to go through Cert and whatever but I've been in love with this game since it's release on Xbox I've got your map and development team on my wall, bought multiple Xboxes just to run Dedicated servers, bought your collector's edition and much more and TIME AND TIME AGAIN YOU DELAY YOUR raptorING UPDATES you should understand our frustrations we're passionate about OUR game and we want to see it better but this has honestly gone wayyyy too far EVERY SINGLE MAJOR UPDATE DELAY,
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