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  1. DravenBaron

    Aberrant Direbear transfers

    It's been fixed for ages on the pc from what I'm told.. But still not fixed on ps4
  2. DravenBaron

    Abberant Dire Bear not able to be transfered

    needs to be fixed.. Lost my 10k hp 500 melee bear to this.. you can upload them but they can not be downloaded anywhere..
  3. DravenBaron

    Building System

    Ok so I think the worst part of this game for me is the size people build and the way the game handles it for example mega base cubes every single wall has to load in most people fence off there base with gates as it cause's less lag because the game can load the models faster so.. would it not make sense for you to add bigger wall models in 4x4 and 8x8 that would reduce the amount of disconnects and blue screens.. also introduce a requirement of a land stake system ie you can only build where you place a land stake. Have two big land stakes and have 4 small but also have a minimum distance on how close the stakes can be to each other this would also control the load put on the servers and make the game alot better without mega tribes building everywhere, it would also deal with pillar spamming. A Big task but I think a needed one
  4. DravenBaron

    Human TLC

    human models are shocking and need some TLC, Morph your character and clothing dont fit.. Some weapons dont fit the model and look stupid.. And saying its a BIG project is a bit of a over statement.. with the sponsored modding its probably already done..
  5. DravenBaron


    Yes I unlocked the engram.. Im on PS4 and only have the option to fast travel on beds?
  6. DravenBaron


    When is Lay on Bed from the radial menu. been release on the PS4? I was led to believe it was coming with the TEK beds but there is only a option to fast travel?
  7. DravenBaron

    ARK Sponsored Mod Program!

    I cant wait for this.. seen loads of good pc mods..