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  1. Therizinosaurus...why are you such an a-hole??

    Think you was meant to quote @MisbegottenAngel?
  2. Therizinosaurus...why are you such an a-hole??

    I can soooooooooo relate, damn things are like chicken ninjas, lucjly they get stuck on pretty much everything so running though a fairly dense forest helps.
  3. Scam level over 9000!

    I understand but what I mean is the workshop is going to explode with all these mods just for the money, most of which won't be good at all.
  4. Scam level over 9000!

    Or they are going Minecraft's route and encouraging modders and the games community to help develop the game.Look at 99% of all AAA games for example, they have nearly no player input until it's already released which is always bad because how do they know what we want when they are making it for us? getting the community involved in the games development even though DLC will help the game A LOT because the community can make what they want, if you don't want to pay for the DLC then don't, simple really. I do see your point but I think it's a really good move, they just need to keep the workshop in check now since there will be A LOT of crappy mods trying to make a quick... 4g buck.
  5. ARK Sponsored Mod Program!

    So glad to see a company taking one of the first leaps into paying modders. Really love you guys for this. <3
  6. Thylacoleo Are Amazing climbers

    Any kind of wall? Even metal? Have to admit it does look amazing and super scary, wonder how long it takes to tame a low level.
  7. Why exactly do you play Official PvE?

    This is probably the most drama I've heard come from a PvE server haha.
  8. Why exactly do you play Official PvE?

    PvE is the only gameplay I've tried so far mostly because I want to learn more before I tackle trolls destroying my stuff. I think of PvE as more relaxing too.
  9. BP's nerfed!?

    Think I agree with the problems, those extreme BP's are insane really, the fixes are pretty good but I think basing damage/armour on a fixed % would be bad, each BP or item might need a certain % to make it balanced, problem is BP's themselves are the cornerstone is high-end stuffs so those BP's determine the cost of high-end stuff, obviously high-end things need to be expensive so newbies who don't know the game can't pick up a rocket launcher and go at it to someones base but at the same time experienced players should be able to make them with a fair amount of ease, I guess BP's are one of those things that will never make players 100% happy.
  10. Traveling with pets around ark makes me sad =(

    At least I'm honest? People think thing's that are already in the software are perfect, it's not true, all the engines pathfinding solutions are basic because they don't know what games are going to be made, it's up to developers to expand on the system to make it fit their game. Don't have to watch a video to know that.
  11. Fire Wyvern drawing

    Certainly one of the best Wyvern drawings I've seen, nice one!
  12. Traveling with pets around ark makes me sad =(

    This is something I imagine they are working on constantly since it's a huge part of the game. I'll be honest I haven't watched this yet but I can tell you now, what game engines provide isn't always something that can be used for every situation. Pathfinding is VERY hard to do especially with things that can move, disappear and reappear in a diffrent place and still keep the AI, I'm sure they are working on something better then what's in use right now. Teleporting the dinos closer when you are too far away is probably h e best quick fix but might come with drew backs on PvP servers.