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  1. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    1st the rhinos were brought in by a friend of mine (no idea why he wanted to take rhinos in) 2nd we only took 4 riders in because theirs only 4 of us 3rd we didnt get a chance to pin it it one shot all but 5 dinos and lastly we took the dinos we had in as a test as they were the previous generaton to the dinos we have now im not deniying that we didnt have a chance it was a test to see if 28k hp on a rex with mc and asc saddels would be enough to tank a couple of hits so we could pin her the question i have is is it normal for a rex with a asc saddel and 28 k hp to be one shot by the broodmother because thats what happend to us the only rex to survive the first hit had 29k hp an a asc saddel with 86.5 armor and he had less than 1k hp left. Im sorry if it seams like im being angry/mean im not trying to come across that way i just want to know if its normal for the broodmother to do that sort of damage in one hit
  2. [ Official server] Hard Broodmother SLAIN!

    We just tryed the hard broodmother on xbox with 4 of us 12 rexes with 28 k hp and 700 2 theriz with 18k hp and 650+ melee and 6 rhinos with 20k hp and 600 odd melee and she killed them all in under a minute the rexes had 3 asc saddels and the rest mc is this right cause evrything ive read sayes that we should have been able to do it
  3. Could not retrieve address on server

    I feel for u man that sucks hard.
  4. Could not retrieve address on server

    I was in the middle of imprinting on twin beavers got kicked and now cant find server i have been up for 3 nights and now all that time is wasted i hope they do a sever roll back because im pretty sure im not the only one that has been raptored over by this