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  1. the world of extinction better be a size close to ragnarok of bigger because this is incredible and there better be many new creatures for what im saying is that this needs to be the best dlc ever and I would probably pay for what im offering and I would accept a few more weeks of work or some sort of time because this has to be worth everything ark has givin us so this dlc will be the best (I hope don't screw this wild card please) dlc so far and will be the greatest
  2. the mysterious creature makes me think of stich but one of the different aliens
  3. i think I’ve got the idea the ark devs are going for and whoever said it’s a basilisk I agree to but i think there making new creatures adding “mythic” creatures (creatures like the Phoenix fake or from legends) or they make special versions of the creatures like a super up titan boa like the glowing creatures shout out to gp and Ryuk for coming up with the basilisk idea
  4. It’s probrably a titan boa combo that slithers through walls and attacks you when close to a wall or it’ll be able to slither through water creeks because the art work released on that French website has those worm things so either is a possibility
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