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  1. Yeah probably. There would definitely need to be an adjusting period during which Prim+ players have the chance to save their progress in some way, if wiping is the way things will go.
  2. I wonder if it is possible to convert Primitive Plus items and structures into the main game. That way Primitive Plus saves could be converted and they could keep their saves. It should be, but the problem then is that all those items will be duplicated, increasing already high size (though probably not by that much). Honestly, from what I've seen Prim+ has so many building options I would love to have at my disposal!
  3. Personally I'd love to have the content in the main game, especially if it's available also without the checkbox route (but I'd also definitely check out the Prim+ more because I do have mods I enjoy and want to keep even with it, like CKF and Saddle Emporium.) However there are people who worry over hours, days, even years of work going down the drain. And I sympathize with them. Finding a middle route, or a way for them to keep their hard work, would be beneficial in my opinion.
  4. My bad, I misunderstood. Yeah they should consider you guys more. Unfortunately, I think you are in the minority. So your voice will easily be drown out. I wonder what part/s of Prim+ tend to break when the main game updates? Knowing that might help finding a fix. And I still think allowing the assets to be used in modding would give many players the best of both worlds, though I understand that console players would be left in the dark. (I'm a PC player so I easily forget console versions exist)
  5. I probably should mention that I talk as someone who mostly plays solo, barely ever on any server, so that skewers my perception of things. Please do not think that I "want to take away from prim+ players". I honestly wouldn't mind not having Prim+ stuff not be part of the main game, if the assets were made available for modders - then modding community would let those who want the items/building options/crops/etc have them, while keeping Prim+ itself intact.
  6. I'm not a long time Prim+ player. I dabbled, and I loved the new items, the building options, the no tek feel, but it was too restrictive when it came to adding mods (I'm a sucker for those), and Prim+ on single player wasn't that fun. So I'm of the mind to integrate it into ARK main game. I love building options, I've been longing for new farmables for ages, and since you can disable engrams you could create a "Prim+" ini file and/or Prim+ setting tick boxes for the settings page. (Like a new tab called Prim+ or something). It won't be 100% the same, but it's possible to disable dino riding for certain dinos, too, right? It should be doable to fiddle with ini settings to set up a very primitive server that doesn't allow modern stuff. If you do incorporate Prim+ in, I also highly encourage you to let Prim+ players know in advance so they can prepare. Also as a budding modder I'd be delighted to have access to Prim+ items.
  7. I see, thank you. I still highly prefer written format over video format, but there's nothing I can do but endure if I'm interested in the Crunches. Unfortunate, but ultimately my choice.
  8. As someone who has no interest in Livestreams (for various reasons), will I now completely miss contest results?
  9. I agree on the incline running. It would make early game metal and crystal gathering safer, and help run away from surprise predators (I'm looking at you, Giganoto-out-of-nowhere-while-I'm-gathering-metal)
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I worry for your argumentation skills if you have to resort to bad language and offhanded comments. However, as you asked, here are some links to proof of feathered dinosaurs (that, we all know, gave birth to birds. That have feathers). All were easily found with Google, and these include the amber I was talking about. https://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-scientific-evidence-of-dinosaurs-having-feathers https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/01/100127-dinosaur-feathers-colors-nature/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinosaur_coloration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yutyrannus https://observationdeck.kinja.com/a-comprehensive-guide-to-dinosaur-feathers-and-scales-1603368757 http://www.eartharchives.org/articles/the-swimming-raptor-of-mongolia/ https://www.seeker.com/new-giant-raptor-the-largest-ever-with-wing-feathers-1770432223.html http://www.icr.org/article/do-quill-knobs-show-dino-bird-evolution/ We also have feathers, or feather-like filaments, showing up in non-Theropod lineages, such as Ceratopsians, though this is more circumstancial. There is so far no evidense of feathers in lineages like Hadrosaurs or Sauropods. I hope that is enough information to satisfy you, and you read through it all. Please feel free to provide me evidence of Raptors lacking feathers.
  11. It's not "highly speculative theorizing", we have scientific proof of feathered dinosaurs, especially in the raptor lineages. Heck, at one point some sceintists thought raptors to be secondarily flightless birds, though they were in minority. We have a fossil record of feathered dinosaurs, and even a feathered dinosaur tail in amber. We have such detailed feather fossils, that we actually know what color Microraptors, and a few other dinos, were.
  12. For me it's how much I love the actual real raptor look, and how outright goofy these naked ones seem to me. I will live with what WC gives us, but tht doesn't mean I love each and every dino they push out equally. The other thing that causes me to nitpick is my love of realism and immersion. Again the naked Raptors break both for me. I'd laugh at them, but they tear m low level character to shreds.
  13. The Raptor update is just as visually underwhelming as I expected. I have never been a fan of the zombie-hands and featherlessness, and this just amplifies it. Sure the new feathers are better, but still. The thing is, we can all see that the Raptor is nothing but a Jurassic Park homage. Down to the level up sounds and even some of the animations! If nothing else, I would DIE to see the hands corrected on all the animals that have them wrong, Rex, Giga, Yuti, Raptor.... Yeah sure, I know ARK animals are no meant to be the original ones, but Raptor, when I first saw it, was such a HUGE let down I immediately went "meh".
  14. There actually is another large bird that could fill the "actually an eagle and not a giant vulture" niche: Haast's Eagle. True, it wasn't nearly as large as Argentavis was, but ARK deviates with the sizes anyway. If they do make Haast's Eagle, I do hope they make a fully new model instead of using the old Argy one. To me, the old Argy model looks... silly. Like it's a weird, feathered cube with wings and head sticking out. I much prefer the new model, but then again I'm also upset about the "new" Spino model so... Each to their own.
  15. I very much agree on the spino. Apparently there's two (or three) ways people think on this: us, who prefer it as close to what it to our knowledge really was like, those who prefer the Jurassic Park/outdated look, and those who don't much care. (On the same note, I know they're not going to make the Raptor better, but one can always hope, right?)
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