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  1. Could you please tag or link that list as I find it some how impossible to find anything resembling what you’re suggesting.
  2. I guess it’s the same as spawning a Dino with a summon command. However this way you can by pass restrictions a normal placement of a structure would allow. Like the tree platform floating.
  3. Sorry I thought by explaining I’ve only found the floating tree platform command so far. That would be clear enough? When able to summon a structure like a tree platform in this way the benifits are obvious?
  4. GFI cryopod (amount)this can be as high as the allowed stacking of an item. (quality) this can be 0-100 and then (item or Bp) translates to 0 or 1 so your command if you wanted 1 cryopod would look something like this; Gfi cryopod 1 1 0
  5. Admin summon commands for structures(NOT GFI CODES) I’ve come to a dead end in my search for summoning commands in regards to structures. Floating tree platforms seem to be the only command floating around. Does anyone know of a source where I can find the list to other structures, I know for instance you can spawn in a forcefield. However, The command can not be found anywhere by me. I’d really like these commands as it would help tremendously with event builds and other cool and possible builds I know is possible once I find this list! Please help folks.
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