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  1. ARKVideo! Sorry if this is under the recommended length! This was just me fooling around and trying/failing at the manticore battle from Scorched Earth. White Text = Me Red Text = Manticore Light Blue Text = Ice Wyvern
  2. screenshot WIP castle on center

  3. screenshot Mutation horses and baby unicorns

    Its a pink horse!
  4. artwork Raptor Sketch

    Haven't been active for a while, and after taming a few raptors, got inspired to create this guy. Who knows, I might do some more drawings
  5. Tapejara

    Tapejara So, I got bored and drew a couple of dimorphodons and a tapejara.
  6. Falcon and Me

    Falcon and Me I've always loved the Argentavis, so I decided to do a drawing of me and my Argentavis, Falcon Time lapse: