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  1. ShadowSword

    Useful Commands

    My favorite ones (most often used) are these: admincheat fly admincheat walk (disables fly) admincheat forcetame (doesn't require saddle to ride) admincheat dotame (requires saddle to ride) admincheat infinitestats (makes you invincible against drowning, status effects (weather, torpor) and some attacks) admincheat god (makes you invincible against attacks but not torpor) admincheat enemyinvisible true/false (useful for areas with lots of carnivores) admincheat playersonly (makes everything stop) admincheat slomo 1 (increase number to make the game faster, 1 is normal speed. To make the game slower only -1 works, and helps with taking action photos) admincheat giveengrams (useful for tek items as they don't work without an unlocked engram)
  2. ShadowSword

    Favorite Game other than Ark

    Team Fortress 2
  3. ShadowSword

    Some Ideas for ARK

  4. ShadowSword

    Some Ideas for ARK

    So here are my ideas: Most dinosaurs should have at least two saddle types (Much like the Saddle Mod) Rope should be able to be created using fiber and can be used to pull along passive wild animals along with non-rideable fliers owned by you Wild animals are lured slightly (similar to the honey) by there favorite food Hitting the tusks/horns of certain animals shouldn't produce blood Raptor spawn rate on Aberration should be slightly lowered in the "easy" area Rock Drakes should also receive a slight strength boost in the presence of a Reaper Sea creatures can poop, but the feces will be hard to collect but when given to a dung beetle will be extra rich in oil Certain trees can be climbed if you have over a certain number in weight and strength Storage boxes will gain a slightly different texture if they have the word "Mailbox" in their name when renamed A secondary type of grappling hook called the "swinging hook" will allow players to swing from high objects such as cliffs, trees, and high rocks Wooden/Stone Sword Trike should be able to hold at least two people, same with Parasaur Dimorphodons will gain a pack boost similar to direwolves, but only when tamed On another Dimorphodon note, tamed and wild dimorphodons and icthyornises can form aggressive "flocks" in which every dimorph does the same thing Fallen sticks/fronds will be able to be picked up for wood/thatch All resources dropped during Aberration earthquakes should have the same texture when dropped again after being collected When animals die they go into their faint animation and right as it ends, they switch to ragdoll mode Carnivores should not spam attack and will alternate between there first and secondary attack, such as a wild t-rex poop locking then biting Carnos, Allosauruses, T-Rexes, and Gigas should be able to temporarily hold the character in their mouth once they are at low health before doing a swallowing animation and insta-killing the player Pegomastaxes will make one screech before going silent once they've spotted you, and then "stalk" you When near water, wild animals will do an eating animation in order to mimic drinking Hide, Ghillie, and Cloth armor should have a customizable interface much like when creating a character, allowing for more clothes Cloth armor should be paintable like a canvas along with region painting to make t-shirts Wild aggressive fliers that can pick you up will pick you up and attack you once they are holding you. Argies and Griffins will pick you up off your mount, and griffins will drop you once they are up high, hitting them would make them release you And that's it!
  5. ShadowSword

    artwork Gallimimus Drawing

    Just did a drawing of a Gallimimus, and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with this one.
  6. ARKVideo! Sorry if this is under the recommended length! This was just me fooling around and trying/failing at the manticore battle from Scorched Earth. White Text = Me Red Text = Manticore Light Blue Text = Ice Wyvern