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  1. Bla bla bla. Anti-Meshing destroyed 'GPS Transponder' at XYZ real stuff
  2. Anti-Meshing destroyed 'GPS Transponder' at XYZ Uh...... Fix? GPS Transponders tend to sink into Dino bodies eventually but still work until they disappear because they always have for no reason. Now they get destroyed due to meshing as well? lol - I take back the "for no reason" part. They used to (or still do) disappear eventually because of lag when you login and move the dino, the transponder will lag out and not come with the dino, instead float in space and eventually disappear.
  3. Bump. And fix saddle dyes randomly turning blue for no reason too.
  4. Saddle dyes keep changing colors on their own Ever since the Genesis release, I will sometimes log on to find that my time spent making a dino saddles colors perfect is all in vain. How and why are my black (for instance) dye sections on saddles miraculously changing to blue (for instance) upon relogging?
  5. ALL SETTINGS RESETTING AGAIN AND WORSE You can no longer fix this BS WC bug by going to 'PS4/Settings/Application Saved Data Management' and deleting 'saved system storage' and 'saved online storage" data. It doesn't matter. All your setting say they are saving in game after you do this, but once you exit and log back in, it's all gone again; and the cute little (Saving...) in the bottom right corner doesn't popup anymore again. You have to go back to PS4/Settings/Application Saved Data Management again and delete 'saved system storage" and "saved online storage" data to get it to start saving again. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE YOU ARE IN A LOOP. Once you exit you have to do it all over again BECAUSE NOTHING IS SAVING AGAIN AND ALL YOUR SETTING ARE DEFAULTED AGAIN. WC developers are BYE FAR THE BEST.. At being consistently stupid.
  6. Worst part is you can hold down O hundreds of yards away from your tames to try and do an emote, and if it is aiming right at one of your tames, ya, they go on follow. If this is an actual shortcut whistle follow thing (which I have heard requested by people), the person who implemented it needs to be fired. You cannot put a command and a wheel on the same press-and-hold, it just doesn't work that way.
  7. GET USED TO IT!!! ! ! Will be like this for months.
  8. Costs more than buying a new game to boost data for these idiotic massive GB patches every 3 weeks on average.
  9. patches are usually packets of data that the client can except and fix. Not 23gb files. lol
  10. Again a good programmer would use the word "patch" as it is supposed to be used. Not patch the map on their side and force people to download the entire map again. No you send with the map updates code to "patch" the map already downloaded.
  11. Stop with the 23GB patches Some of us travel for work and this is getting ridiculous having to download 23gb at hotels just to patch in an event. Sure this event added some stuff. But 23gb to unpatch it???? And it’s always around 13 to 23gb. Why don’t you guys stop being lazy, there’s definitely a way around this. I should be deleting roughly 23gb to remove the event not download it. My Verizon is unlimited data, but no…no one offers unlimited hotspot data so I am screwed. This hotel, it will take two days to download 23gb. Thanks WC.
  12. Fix it. I just L1 HLNA now to get it off my inventory screen. it's trash without this ability. It was already pretty much trash prior to this because it's dye colors always reset when you bed warp or die.
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