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  1. New! Ps4 Player Dedicated PVP Server on the Island, playing on Scorched and the Center as well! Looking for some fun, nice and creative people looking to help me establish a 24/7 server that I've recently started with friends, and we'd like to expand to the public! If anyone is interested, PLEASE feel free to add me on ps4 (NikoleBeanpole) as shoot me a message! I'd really like to meet some creative people who would like to dedicate time to helping with my Server! Looking for fun players who love to play ark, trying to grow our server to the point where PVP is possible, as it is currently just my friends and I, and there isn't much PVP to be had currently :'(
  2. All set up to be on the ARK Forums! So stoked to get home and enjoy the new PS4 update. :D