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  1. Do you have any Lightning Wyvens exchange for ingots.?

  2. It doesen't matter as much as i hate the devs for all their bs. There is other forces at play here if there is problems with the dlc they deny the cert till it's fixed hence taking more time (depends how many times this has happened). Take in mind they arn't a big studio like EA or Bethesda Studios. i have been here since the beginning and i expected it to be delayed so i wasnt even mad. However i play on pc and i still expect it to be delayed.
  3. they cant release it mate Consoles have a certification process even if they wanted to they can't
  4. Jumped on and now im just sitting in my base doing nothing...
  5. Is there anything i have to do to tinker with the settings the program isnt grabbing the right stats is it the new UI? Trying to grab stats from baby rexes.
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