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  1. Hi Cedric, I believe there is another bug with the mouse and keyboard for PS4 too (not sure about Xbox). When using ADS (aim down sights) on anything with a scope, spyglass included the sensitivity is really slow , and when I say slow moving the mouse across my pad (40cm) it moves on the screen a very very slow , basically the crosshairs is static. I play on 800 DPI and set my in game sensitivity to what feels comfortable for turning and looking around (example 40cm = 360°) but soon as I aim down sights the sensitivity drastically changes. I know I can up my DPI and up my in game sensitivity but then normal turning and looking is way to fast and becomes uncontrollable to the point where I touch my mouse with a finger and the screen starts spinning. Hope you read this and can have a look into it for the aiming down sights. This bug happens with all scoped weapons and spyglass. ( another example : sensitivity for longneck rifle WITHOUT SCOPE and looking down iron sights feels amazing, WITH SCOPE is terrible) UPDATE : have found out today that when riding a Dino and using scoped weapons or spyglass sensitivity is not reduced and it feels great, However the down side is that you HAVE to be RIDING A DINO. Scope and spyglass sensitivity when of foot is still unbelievable slow to the point where scoped weapons can not be used. If everything is fine while riding a Dino but not fine on foot then it must be a bug right? Thank You
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