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  1. Just when i was getting over the trama of the turkey trial 2016 lol. Cant wait this is gonna be fun
  2. I feel that the tek tapajara saddle has been nerfed too much in the past. Its range is almost point blank. I feel it would be better if it had more range but make each shot cost more. Like 2 to 3 shots per ele. And leave the damage as is. As for everything else looks good. Cant wait to play genesis
  3. Is the mysterious mystery for a new dlc? If so will it be covered under the season pass?
  4. I miss the fear evolved and Turkey trial. The dodo rex and dodo wyvern would be nice. Also the zombie dodos that roamed the beaches
  5. Players: we want breeding Wc: heres 2x taming Players: no we want breeding Wc: heres a breeding event Players: we want 2x taming. Smdh sometimes i wish it would go back to the original rates just so players would know how good they have it.
  6. I see it as a major lag reduction. Tribes will not have to tame so many different kibble tames and will open up tame slots on a server.
  7. I cant count how many time iv have heard "i called in for this" or "i used vacation time for this" and iv heard Jat say more then once "dont take time off of school or work" You gotta be a real fool if you took time off expecting it to be released on time.
  8. Next month will probably be the trike. Tbh a tek quetz would be cool but i doubt it would happen. But a tek giga would be ungodly powerful after a few generations. Gigas are strong enough. A level 180 tek giga would be just too much and after breeding, hell the tek rexs were almost as strong as our normal rexs (that took a year of breeding) in only a few months. A tek giga like that would be just too powerful.
  9. Would you rather no event? I can't say this enough. There used to be a time back in the old days of ark where there was no such thing as a evolution event. And in that time harvesting, taming, and xp were half the value. Go to a single player game and set the harvest and taming to 0.5 and see what the days of old were like. A time when a 150 rex took almost 4 hours or a rock golam took almost a day and a half on sulfer. Enjoy the same old events. One day they may disappear altogether.
  10. So is trading on the New servers out of the question? I can see the teaming up for a raid being a no no. If I need a type of kibble I don't have and I throw it out in chat and someone says yea I'll do it for ingots is that against the code of conduct? Or trading tames? I have always had alot of fun wheeling and dealing in ark. Traveling merchant so to say. I'd also trade eggs if I needed something I couldn't build. I.E. me and my tribe are not high enough level.
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