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  1. Balance, Qol, minor changes ideas. 1. After snow owl and mana gets always the same imprint speed bonus, every flier/glider should get the same imprint bonus. But the movement bonus needs a chance so that not every breed gets same bonus. So that it's random if a flier/glider gets more, less or no bonus. 2. Breedable Pulmo, Mantis, aso. These creatures are so underrated and I know the reason for non breedable was the amount of baby's in reality, but after aberration and extinction we left the reality sting far far behind so let people breed them for a fresh breed fun. And don't forget dog's and cat's and rat's can also get way more baby's then tripplings ;). 3. Changes for excepted exploits. Every one knows that rider blocking, inside base glitching to place c4 with flier/boat is exploiting but all do this. So this needs finally stop. 4. A change of picking up enemy players with a flier to around 25% chance. 5. The beer buff against turrets aso is way to high und way to easy to raid, this buff needs to get a decrease. 6. After not everyone is able to get tek aso metal and stone structures needs to get a little buff against explosives like it was before tek. So it's not so much easy to get inside. 7. Like u said in the community crush long ago in ea phase u finally should add the big venus flytrap. Like plant x, so wild plant with the ability to grab seeds. 8. Increased normal drops on all maps specially aberration drops needs a big buff after most time u only get led sticks, useless structure bp's and gems. 9. No desert titan on aberration, it's a no flier map so no desert titan 10. Growable aberration mushrooms and also a better use of it. Aquatic as a water alternative that like 10 mushrooms convert inside a water tank to 10 water. Or the yellow oilish mushrooms can be used as a oil alternative and u can cook 10 to 1 oil. 11. Auto decay or better after access a beaver damm it destroys after closing the inventory, so the wood trolling finally stops. 12. Change to "to high above ground" on cliff platforms. So that these platforms have it's own "ground" with a max high range like 4 or 6 wall high. 13. Let aberrant araneos and mostly aberrant dimorphodons finally spawn on aberration. 14. A real decay timer of wild fertilized eggs. So nests actual despawn if people don't eat low lvl eggs and throw them somewhere on the map. And also eggs with 0 days 0 hours 0 seconds despawn after the area gets rendered and not spoil instandly inside inventory 15. The ability to pet every creature not only lystro, to get any kind of buff for a short time with a cooldown of 3 or more hours.
  2. Just several PVP Fair-Play suggestions, that are necessary First! that are just suggestions that i know most people will prefer because they agreed with that changes. Second! if u dont like that ideas or fair play, dont comment or something else because these are just ideas. 1. No building in any Artifact Cave on any official map on any official Server (normal, small, aso). So every player is able to do Boss fights and get loot crates. So nothing get blocked and u need to play actual to get artifacts aso and not block all off. Fighting these tribes is useless for just one Artifact because and most people teaming over discord whats against CoC. 2. No building on any Obelisk. 3. Upload/Download protection for 60sec if u access a Drop/Obi aso so u have the chance to transfer. Specially if the upload/download progress breaks u stuck until crash massage appears and u cant do anything so even cant protect yourself. 4. Caped Player movement speed to a max leveling up to 150 to have a more balanced pvp and more imported better server performance . 5. Better Tribe Log. Its not ok if u get killed by players like with grenades or c4 and u not even know who it was. 6. Remove range attack from mana or remove the ability that it freezes. So manas are not the only used creature on pvp servers. 7. Actual enforcement against all the youtube/twitch cuties, anyone knows how often these act against CoC and still can play. Thats it for now, these changes would gain more players and more imported give new players / fair players aso the chance to progress and not get raided/killed every day or hide on discord or buy stuff with real money on the unofficial ark shops, like dinos, boss fight seats aso!
  3. The not building in artifact caves has to be on every server not just classic. That is what all want!!!
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