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  1. Balance, Qol, minor changes ideas. 1. After snow owl and mana gets always the same imprint speed bonus, every flier/glider should get the same imprint bonus. But the movement bonus needs a chance so that not every breed gets same bonus. So that it's random if a flier/glider gets more, less or no bonus. 2. Breedable Pulmo, Mantis, aso. These creatures are so underrated and I know the reason for non breedable was the amount of baby's in reality, but after aberration and extinction we left the reality sting far far behind so let people breed them for a fresh breed fun. And don't forget
  2. Just several PVP Fair-Play suggestions, that are necessary First! that are just suggestions that i know most people will prefer because they agreed with that changes. Second! if u dont like that ideas or fair play, dont comment or something else because these are just ideas. 1. No building in any Artifact Cave on any official map on any official Server (normal, small, aso). So every player is able to do Boss fights and get loot crates. So nothing get blocked and u need to play actual to get artifacts aso and not block all off. Fighting these tribes is useless for just one A
  3. The not building in artifact caves has to be on every server not just classic. That is what all want!!!
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