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  1. New raiding strats

    My best turtle is like 27k after a decent amount of leveling + imprint. Can easily kamakaze the base of most turret towers. Never thought about trying to make it out alive on a turtle lol.
  2. Cut down the baby stage please!!!!

    The only thing i can think of at this point that has an awkward death period and low hp/food would be an Ovis and even that is okay to walk away from at about 8% if the parents weren't level 5 or something. Everything else can hold enough food to do at least half of the danger time.. (<10%)
  3. Cut down the baby stage please!!!!

    I think if the person who hatched the egg goes offline the baby should pause maturation and there should be some kind of timer so if you leave it for 24 hours without logging in it will die/despawn so people don't just start breeding stuff whenever with absolutely no thought.
  4. What does the toilet do?

  5. New feature coming in v258

    Mind.. Blown.. It would have to consume resources on placement like other games for something like that to work though.
  6. New feature coming in v258

    I really want it to be a gate that is basically half the height of a behemoth but just as wide, But that doesn't fit the pun at all lol.
  7. Pelagornis and organic polymer

    Tame yourself a 150 Therizinosaurus and put all of its bonus points in Power
  8. Bee hives

    You should post this over in bug reports I don't think that is normal tbh.
  9. Agreed, I'm level 98 and still scared of the swamp and I love that haha.
  10. A new way to raid ?

    Lol love the sarcasm, Wish you had managed to put in there that everyone in that video is level 150 and that turrets destroy bodies on official servers.
  11. There is a YouTube video that goes through all the "potential" tek items, its quite old, From before the turret could even move or the cave. He speculates in the video that there will be a tek sleeping chamber of some kind because one of them looks like a sleeping chamber. I haven't actually seen anything like that announced, Hes just spawning in models from the Dev Kit.
  12. Going through a sad time man.

    Oh, You can both access the Trading Forum by going to edit profile and clicking the "I Am Human" Box.
  13. A Game Of Clubs

    Yeah I literally just did a hp/fort build with a mind-wipe and had a 1v1 shotgun vs. club and lost hands down. I was wearing riot, The bro was wearing flak. Not impressed tbh, Was expecting to roll him.
  14. Going through a sad time man.

    We've all done that one I think hahah. RIP so many lil ones lost to exactly this. Edit: I renamed some of my inside turrets to "Oops poop" for laughs when it happens lol.
  15. A Game Of Clubs

    Edit: Yeah okay I did some testing and changed my mind. lol. Clubs defs need a nerf.