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  1. Hypsy


    Ooh nice would make sense, I should probably read some past patch notes, Been a while since I've been around.
  2. Hypsy

    Blue distance fog is extremely bright.

    Please kill our eyes less in Western Cliffs (The Center) Bump.
  3. You want them to make a dino weaker because you can't aim? If you can't focus on your target and aim at the same time your Wyvern is dead soon anyway and if you're playing on PvE i really don't know why you would want to break your immersion like that but okay.. Killing with a Wyvern is an art. Kindly git gud.
  4. Hypsy

    More uses for implant

    Spotted the person who has never Ascended. It already does some stuff, buddy. I like the trophy stand idea though, It should also project their name above it so everyone knows who it belonged too.
  5. Hypsy

    Ignore Wild Dino Option

    Your [Insert Dino Here] was killed by [Insert Wild Dino Here] I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you are going to set up some turrets / species-x to deal with them specifically.
  6. Changing breeding will have alot of unintended side effects regarding play style and effect how much people `care` about their dinos. I can assure you if you make breeding easier, You make raiding easier, which makes people less likely to make huge bases, Which means they play less even though they came tame more. Funny huh. Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE. Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE. Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE. Stop playing PvP if you want to play PvE. There is this thing called Modded servers, You can look at that cancer as an example of what Official would become if you change breeding. The fact that breeding is so "hard" is one of the HUGE attracting factors of this game and the people who cry like this on the forum don't represent almost any of us / are usually some salty mega tribe trying to ruin the game. (imo) When people say change breeding I immediately remind myself that people cried so hard that you could rush Pter and grief servers and then when they made it so you cant rush Pter they also cried extremely hard. Protip: Don't post on the forums while you are raising a QZ, Rex or a Giga or a Yutty, Sleep dep.
  7. They spawn on burnt island and the volcano with the most frequency I believe, Pretty sure the snow spawns are still the same too. If you're worried about things killing you or the Giga while you're taming then you should come more prepared, Build spikes / a small base around the Giga while its taming. Chances are you are going to trap it in some way to knock it out, Just built lots of spikes around that afterward, You can even place the spikes pretty much on the Giga to protect it from random arrows etc but remember to destroy them before it wakes up lmao.
  8. Hypsy


    It would be nice to see the Plant-X get some love and possibly a buff now that there is a turret limit since the purpose of them (the slow) is far more important now.
  9. Hypsy

    Upload Cooldown

    GG ruined your duping method. Lmfao. Where are all the dupers claiming duping isn't fixed in that most recent patch by the way?
  10. Yes they can. More insight from Capt. Technical, What would WC do without you man? Server saves are shmall as by the way.
  11. Hypsy

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Love it <3 Can't wait!