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  1. Rust, Conan Exiles and 7 Days to Die are all reasonably viable competitors, though they each have a different focus (PVP deathmatch, PVE dungeons/progression and PVE horde base defense respectively)
  2. 1. Bug fix patches are boring and no matter how many they do nobody is ever satisfied. 2. Wildcard balance patches are a monkey paw/asshole genie. They'll nerf the coolest part of the game into the ground and say It's fixed because nobody ever uses them again. more TLCs however, would be awesome. 3. What can't be done on SP without cheats? And which cheats are you referring to? Are you talking about engram points? Boss difficulty? Getting yourself unstuck? Changing rates from the default?
  3. I think OP is trying to say that you can make tek turrets shoot the enemy base by puting something it'll shoot in front then having it dodge the shots so the bullets will hit the enemy base instead? I doubt that would work for a ton of reasons (turret range, the fact that i doubt the bullets are real projectiles, the fact that you can't build near an enemy base, etc.)
  4. all maps should be good, they don't need weakpoints rag in my experience has the worst spawns of any map, every rag server I've ever played on is really empty with no variations in spawns, and the spawn points all suck.
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