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  1. No cave spawns

    Its just another issue with the Xbox version of the game, there are plenty. What I normally do is run around the entire cave and usually by the time I get back to the beginning everything has started spawning. If this doesn't work, when I get to the entrance I walk out then back in so it reloads the cave. Good luck finding dung beetles though, I have only seen one and it was glitched to where I couldn't get it.
  2. Just assume everything in the patch notes either doesn't work or wasn't added.
  3. Super Secret New Feature?

    What it was is a lie. There is no secret feature and I don't believe there ever was one. I hope @Jat takes a look at the Elder Scrolls Online forums and begins to understand what happens when a game dev refuses to speak with its community to offer clarity and explanations on updates that were made and messed up or were not made but promised.
  4. I appreciate your opinion but how would you feel if an Alpha tribe transferred to your peaceful server and completely wiped it? As this is a reality. It's not about what server you choose to play on anymore but being "lucky" enough to not have an alpha tribe transfer to your server and wipe it out of their own boredom
  5. Its illogical to blame an issue that only arose due to a change in game function on the players. If the game did not allow transfers would you still blame players for not allowing them? Players don't allow transfers the dev's do and do so by design. As is in human nature, If you are allowed to cheat the system, ie. steal others hard work instead of doing the work yourself, a large portion of the population will do so, some for the loot and others just out of boredom. Also, as became human nature as of late, people will argue against their own best interest because of misinformation or because they are part of the benefitting party.
  6. Why should players have to solve issues that are caused by bad game design? Its an obvious design flaw being that several other games that allow transfers put deterrents in place to stop this exact issue. You cannot allow a large group of people to amass power then transfer said power to a low-pop server and destroy other peoples hard work. Its just absurd to blame such an issue on players and to allow it.
  7. No logical solution? Absurd, there's a logical solution to everything. It's called limiting the ability to transfer and/or limiting what you can transfer. I've not transferred anything in this game so I'm not 100% positive how it works, so if any of these suggestions are already in place please forgive me. 1. Limit how often one can transfer. i.e. Other games I've played that allow character transfer have a minimum 30 day "cooldown". Meaning, once you've transferred your character you have to wait a full 30 days before you can do so again. Obviously this cool down period can be changed to a time that the community is happy with and will most deter Alpha transfers to server wipe. 2. Limit what can be transferred. Make it character only, no dino and no gear/inventory. The framework is already there with the bed system to make it where people take nothing with them when transferring. If you want to allow dino transfer's put a limit on how many dino's can taken with you and what they are allowed to carry when being transferred, preferably nothing or just 5 or less stacks of their preferred food. This is just two examples of what would deter people from transferring in mass and taking over servers and are options that can be done pretty easily and what a lot of other games have in place to stop such issues on their servers.