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  1. I so far have hatches 12 dodo eggs and havent gotten a box yet, if you have gotten any or know if a really good way to try and get them i wold love to hear how you're doing it.
  2. What is the beat way to kill the jelly fish

    Ive always been skeptical to try ever aince my buddy said he got hit by one and he couldnt move at all and it killed him after a little. Then again he was in a cave ao that thing was probably like level 300
  3. What is the beat way to kill the jelly fish

    Hey thanks everybody for the help. I am definitely going to try a lot of these and see what works best once i get off work and can play tonight.
  4. Primitive Gear in Deep Sea Crates

    This is nothing new it usually doesn't happen to often but back a few months ago i got a prim wooden shield out of a deep sea crate... it surely wasnt that exciting hah..
  5. Need some advice about killing water Alphas

    I took my 158 plesio against a 55 alpha mosa and my plesio has almost 300 melee and the mosa almost killed i had someone following me with a 200 plus mosa to help just in case luckily or else i would have been dead along with my tame. I can kill normal mosas all day just not alphas.
  6. I have a 158 plesiosaur with almost 300 melee and havent ever tried to kill any yet, due to the fact that i heard if you dont kill them first bite they will knock you off your tame and kill you. So i am definitely a little sketched out. Any advice would be great.
  7. Ya man it is definitely very frustrating when this happens. I hit water drops every day and have came across that a few times and was in your same position. Even the mastercraft quetz pf bp cant be crafted in a smithy at the moment. You have to have a crazy good beaver or thorny to even try and craft it...