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  1. The Brutality of Ark So been playing for only a little while now. Started to make a head way. got some metal tools, a cross bow and my first flyer. Hadnt died in a while as I learnt how to do things. Took the Pet out for a flight, fell off a cliff, argie ate my flyer as I was searching for my body and then night fell and troodons swamped me 😂😂😂😂 oh how this game can go from good to bad in a blink. Rebuild and crack on
  2. I use fence foundations. The walls I place from the ceiling down, but I use an extra width of thatch roof and snap the walls to this. After I delete the thatch. This puts it out by a tiny bit but it's enough to then fill the gaps by snapping a wall to the fence foundations behind the walls.
  3. Be good if you could let walls sink into the ground a bit to get rid of those annoying gaps
  4. It's all locked up tight now. Big stone barn for my Dinos on passive. Stone base with a 3 high stone wall around the base. Kids learnt his lesson on closing the door. 👍👍
  5. Up date. I left a sign. It simply read. Fun family base. Feel free to leave donations. Put a open chest next to it. Woke this morning to find it full of meat and some metal tools 😂😂
  6. That would be great. I don't mind starting from scratch again. I can't pm for some reason but If it's a prim plus I'd be happy to come over
  7. Dilos outside on the porch set to neutral and disabled wandering. Dodos inside the house ( door left open, when he died) same set to neutral and wandering disabled
  8. We're pretty new. Didn't know about the tribe log. I'll look later. Were both on daily, one or the other. He left the door open. 6 dilos outside, 4 dodos inside, his bed, cooking station and our joint storage cabinet ( I build basic tools and weapons, armour for him to use when I'm on) gone. Went onto PVE because we wanted something we could both do together and not be wiped every 5 mins
  9. Not on the server me and my boy are on. Took him ages taming Dilos and dodos. Along comes a guy. Plonks a tree house right next to his base. Kills off the lot. Dismantles his cooking stations and beds at the same time cheers PVE for making my kids miserable this morning. This is a small father son thing
  10. Just wanted to say a big thank you to the person that killed off all my 9yo Dinos. Destroyed all his cooking stations and beds in his house and build a tree house right next door to it. Way to ruin a kids experience of the game. Xbox PVE primitiveplus3. Hope you feel really good about yourself