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  1. Are you still accepting players
  2. I'm uk based but interested in joining if there's still room
  3. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    Most of the posts on here are about prim plus. Sorry for any confusion
  4. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    Just found out the Allosaurus saddle you can get in the beavers saddle forge
  5. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    Are you on primitive plus???
  6. Allosaurus and Pelagornis saddles

    The Therizinosaurous, allosaurus, pelargonium and Tapajara saddles are still missing. 3 of those are extremely useful in the game.
  7. Difference between Primitive and Primitive+

    I like prim + for the simple fact that stone is as high as you can go. No metal boxes and missile launchers. There is a slight difference in the look. The smoke houses instead of fridges etc. But, and this could be a big BUT, a number of saddles are missing. There is no Tapajara, Allosaurus, Therizinosaurous or pelagornis saddles. The Tapajara and Therizinosaurous ones missing are really frustrating for me. The lack of a tranq gun means it's nye on impossible to knock out a Gallimimus without killing it (you can do it with tranq trip wires but this is a long winded waste of resources). Gallimimus kibble is great for the beaver so be prepared for a 3 hour sit pumping narcs into the beaver every 2 mins. You cant put leach blood in your last hotspot so that means no moschops. Fishing traps don't work. You can't put the bait in them. So if you can live with those limitations then it's a good way to go. Servers are generally more quite
  8. 24/7 Dedicated Seeking players

    Your server still up and running. I'm looking for something like this
  9. Night time wandering

    Night time wandering So out taming a Dino and night falls, I've set up some wooden stakes and I'm watching out for those damn Troodons. Out of the corner of my eye (screen) I see a flash of movement, up comes the sheild and I prepare to defend. Only it was a ovirapror Phew. Led me to thinking. All the Dinos carry on there aimless wandering. The trikes continue to plod along with the inevitable tickle chickens following them. Wouldn't it be good if we had a proper night time behaviour pattern. The day Dinos go to a den or lay down and only move if disturbed and the nocturnal animals come out in all their deadly grace. They have it in a watered down version with the Megalosaurus and Troodon. Make night time truly terrifying to be out in
  10. Mammoth Infinite Prime Meat

    Not on official servers you can't
  11. The Brutality of Ark

    The Brutality of Ark So been playing for only a little while now. Started to make a head way. got some metal tools, a cross bow and my first flyer. Hadnt died in a while as I learnt how to do things. Took the Pet out for a flight, fell off a cliff, argie ate my flyer as I was searching for my body and then night fell and troodons swamped me 😂😂😂😂 oh how this game can go from good to bad in a blink. Rebuild and crack on
  12. Base building

    I use fence foundations. The walls I place from the ceiling down, but I use an extra width of thatch roof and snap the walls to this. After I delete the thatch. This puts it out by a tiny bit but it's enough to then fill the gaps by snapping a wall to the fence foundations behind the walls.
  13. Base building

    Be good if you could let walls sink into the ground a bit to get rid of those annoying gaps
  14. PVE killings

    It's all locked up tight now. Big stone barn for my Dinos on passive. Stone base with a 3 high stone wall around the base. Kids learnt his lesson on closing the door. 👍👍
  15. PVE killings

    Up date. I left a sign. It simply read. Fun family base. Feel free to leave donations. Put a open chest next to it. Woke this morning to find it full of meat and some metal tools 😂😂