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  1. heiser

    New raiding strats

    This guy gets it
  2. heiser

    New raiding strats

    place c4 from the turtles back?
  3. Another thread with half the replies being Volcano. Anyways, wipe them all.
  4. heiser


    Oxygen is breath and swimming speed. I guess if you dont go in the water it isnt useful, but I enjoy my flipper speed without wearing flippers. As far as melee goes, it helps with harvesting early on but unless you are doing a sword/pike build I wouldn't put any points in later. Especially on PVE.
  5. heiser

    official build limit

    Its for a specific zone. Seems like whatever is in render distance.
  6. heiser

    Tek Tier On No Taming?

    With the lower level wild dinos it may be possible if you take it like a WoW raid. Bring ten people and a ton of supplies. It would still be ridiculously hard but I see it being possible. Side note, is it possible to all loot the artifact at once if you bring multiple people? Or do you have to run out of render each time someone loots it?
  7. heiser

    Top custom recipes

    Did you just necro a thread from 2015? The wiki should have the info you need and you don't have to wait for a response!