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  1. Another thread with half the replies being Volcano. Anyways, wipe them all.
  2. They're pretty easy to avoid as they don't aggro unless you get close. I agree they shouldn't be as prevalent in noob areas though because they're a mid-end game tame.
  3. Someone cutting onions in here?
  4. Oxygen is breath and swimming speed. I guess if you dont go in the water it isnt useful, but I enjoy my flipper speed without wearing flippers. As far as melee goes, it helps with harvesting early on but unless you are doing a sword/pike build I wouldn't put any points in later. Especially on PVE.
  5. You are making the maturation 3 times faster, so you want to cut the imprint by 1/3. Hence the 0.33 You can also do something like 0.3 or 0.25 to always get 100% with leftover time. But I've never messed with these settings so this is all just theory. Trial and error is your friend.
  6. Microraptors probably share an existing spawn point. I think Thylacoleo only spawn in trees so there are none of those existing yet on the Center.
  7. Its for a specific zone. Seems like whatever is in render distance.
  8. Sounds awesome and really hard to accomplish lol. I wish you could actually connect quetz platforms and have a flying base like they fly in formation. I would love to see it but it doesnt sound very practical.
  9. The bosses are completely tameable, just really hard to get to that level. I didn't think of the kiting/abuse though, we don't have problems like that on my server and if we do they are sorted by admin quickly. I realize this is an official server thread so admins wouldnt be able to interfere here. Those bosses spawn anywhere and everywhere.
  10. KISHKO has a no flier PVP server. From what I see people saying it is awesome. But PVP isnt for me, so I havent tried it. As for other servers, maybe they can do something like extinction core for PVE. Alpha everything and bosses running around make for a really fun experience in PVE.
  11. Pretty sure they're the fastest water mount. I agree though, they should take damage or have a reverse oxygen meter before taking damage/dying. I tamed one and was swimming it back to base, dead. Went back and did another, same thing. I think it was something to do with the whale i was mounted on knocking it above the water with its animation. Oh and the swarm thing also happens with anglers. Lost two squids that way. Hope they find a fix eventually.
  12. Look up top We're in XBOX subforum
  13. Exploits probably.
  14. But he is on XBOX.