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  1. Hi Draax

    sorry to harass you, i know you're a busy man, but i just spotted you using the forums and wanted to take a moment of your time to try and help the ark server admin community out.

    do you know, or could you use your internet fame (or pooping evolved's collective internet fame) to find out, if there is a way to update mods automatically in the same way that ark is updated through steamCMD?

    as it seems silly to have to run steamCMD to update the ARK server files, run the game locally to update mods, then copy the mods to the server over FTP. if they can be automatically updated for the client, it has to be possible for the server too.

    there's surely an easier way to do this and to tack this onto the steamCMD.bat file that updates the server version, but after hours of trawling the internet for an answer, i've had no luck :( i'm hoping you might fare better.

    i should also take this opportunity to thank you for your youtube videos, (they're awesome and always enjoyable - it's nice to know there's more than just kids and trolls playing), as well as all the admin work you're doing on pooping evolved and modded pooping evolved, it can be quite the timesink and i don't think server admins get enough appreciation for it, so thanks :) your efforts are appreciated, i know the horrors of mod updates as i run both a "vanilla-esque" and a copy of the modded pooping evolved server and the admin time spent just to get them updated and running is a never ending thankless task.

    lastly, you guys on pooping evolved need a maze pvp arena - fill it with traps; bear, poison, narco (you can even make holes in the floor and place spiked walls underneath) as well as wild dinos randomly dropped in (scorpions and snakes). it would make for an interesting pvp challenge and likely some hilarity too. it could easily be converted to a capture the arti-flag-helm arena too.


    not expecting a reply, but keep up the good work and i hope an answer to mod auto updates is on the horizon.

    may the stuff and things be with you


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    2. Smokes


      thanks for the reply

      I do the same as you, which is why i was hoping there might be a better solution to mod updates, as running a script on a server to update game files and mods at the same time would likely be preferable for all server admins - however, i think you might have just punted me in the right direction with +workshop_download_item <gameID><modID> which i was unaware of, thanks. (not sure how i missed it, my google skills failed me apparently)

      if you're using a linux server, you might want to have a look at https://github.com/Smircher/ark-server-manager/tree/master/src as it might save you a bunch of admin time if you can get the mods auto-updated.

      as for a windows server... i'll do some testing and update you if i have a breakthrough. but theoretically using +workshop_download_item <gameID><modID> for every modID should update them, but it looks as though it just downloads .Z compressed files - i'll do some testing once i get home from work as i've found some info on extracting Z files.

      i've also just found https://github.com/dgibbs64/SteamCMD-Commands-List/blob/master/steamcmdcommands.txt which is probably going to prove useful in figuring this out


    3. Smokes


      Hey Again Draax,

      i tried +workshop_download_item <gameID><modID> but it'll only download compressed files and you need something else to extract them into the \content\mods folder which isn't as easy as it might sound. however...

      the answer is ARK Server Launcher - available here: 

      ARKServerLauncher direct download:

      when you run the program the first time it will ask you whether it is a local or remote host and will want you to point at the server. I had steamCMD and my server running from C:\ARK so set this as the working directory, which did not work. it needed to be set to C:\ARK\steamapps\common\ARK as it looks for the shootergame folder as the core working directory.

      so once you've got it pointed the shootergame folder, it'll pop up with a a management window, with 3 tabs allowing you to config; server settings, rules&gameplay settings and MODs! 

      if you run more than 1 server, you'll need to create separate profiles for each server you manage.

      i then hit the "load from ini" button at the bottom of the server window, which loads all of my current server settings from my game.ini and gameusersettings.ini files.

      rules and gameplay tab is fairly self explanatory

      the mods tab.

      so on the mods tab, you can add either individual mod ID's or a mod collection ID (for example the modded pooping evolved collection), you'll then need to click the install/update button on the mod itself (within the program, which'll pop up a steamCMD box to download and install/update the mod). then click activate which will add it to the server startup. you can also adjust the loading order of mods here too.

      once you've got all the mods you need installed and updated, hit the server start button at the bottom of the page. if the server crashes it will attempt to automatically reboot it.

      job done.

      it does seem to require each mod to be updated individually, but it's likely better than having to update your client and all the mods, then copy the mods via FTP to your server (depends on your internet speed i guess). it's a bit of a fiddle to setup, which is why i've included the extra details, but if you are running a windows server, hopefully this'll help you in your administration of modded pooping evolved.

      i would recommend backing up your game.ini and usersettings.ini files before trying this though, as it will overwrite them with any changes made.

      Cheers my good man


    4. Smokes


      here is another mod update tool you might find useful.




  2. Guessing you aren't the real deal, huh?

    1. DraaxLP


      Why would you think that?

    2. Qrr


      Eh, mostly some people like to pretend they are youtubers, using their usernames and whatnot to get views/likes/etc. 

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