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  1. Land Ownership there needs to be some kind of cost for pillaring and owning land example could be 10 ingots a day for each pillar area the tribe owns i dont think this would be hard to code (calc land area a tribe own etc etc) another way could be using special pillars to hold land but to refresh these pillars the tribe player would have to go up and press e on each pillar manually to refresh the timer this would be super easy to code
  2. Claiming OSD and the Loot If u claim an osd when it starts then finish and eject the loot, can other people still pick up the loot when its on the ground?
  3. i noticed the dragon on val was harder after the last update the breath attack seem to do more damage now but not sure
  4. get a giant turtle and use bubble breath on the brontos
  5. yes the computers ram the gtx card ram cant be changed but 6 gigs isnt too bad adding ram is pretty easy on newer laptops u dont even have to open the laptop case just a little door that covers the ram
  6. what u could do is increase ur ram because 8 gigs isnt that much for gaming also how much ram does ur gfx card have (i would guess 4 or 6) there is a good chance that increasing ur ram to 12 or higher would fix ur graphics problems and it wouldnt cost that much maybe $50
  7. i think ur suppose to use the pheromone dart for a quetz not shoot the quetz with it but use it on urself or ur mount near it
  8. trex which would be equivalent to todays modern chicken only larger
  9. how would u calculate multiple accounts?
  10. how does this not reach the building piece limit?
  11. any pin-coded storage box can be broken into on pve i found this out a few years back when doing trades for boss fights back in the day
  12. having ur character die will fix this problem can also try a server restart
  13. I think theres more to this map actually. it kind of seems like itll end up being used for boss runs to farm for high end bps and items with everyone on the map taking part in these fights but people will also build bases and structures to help take down the bosses so being on a server with a strong alpha tribe might be a good thing unless they murder u after the boss battles to steal what u get
  14. i would guess the tek rex is the best
  15. wyverns are the best without question the griffin can be good for exploring a new server but its attack is so weak take 10 hits to kill a dodo when ever i see someone using a flyer thats not a wyvern i basically think they must be a noob even transporting heavy mats i would still use a wyvern but for metal maybe a quetzal and ankylo unless its in a more dangerous area then wyvern and ankylo to make the smallers flyer viable wc can make areas of the map where u have to go through tunnels that the larger flyers cant fit through. i dont mean a cave but some kind of mount
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