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  1. Woodsman

    alpha raptor

    can u drown it? seems alphas cant be drowned anymore
  2. Woodsman

    How many hours have you played for?

    how would u calculate multiple accounts?
  3. Woodsman

    theory This may be where extinction is

    actually tourism centers around sheep they have sheep shaving and sheep dog herding demonstrations lots of sheep made products sheep oil and rugs to sell to tourist basically a sheep culture the other big tourist thing is the maori but sheep are still bigger over there
  4. Woodsman

    theory This may be where extinction is

    it cant be new zealand because there are no sheep on extinction
  5. Woodsman

    Classic PVP - Fishing

    pelagornis only probably
  6. because everyone hates crappy thatch shacks everywhere not to mention noobs in general
  7. i dont think a beaver can be used to farm wood like that what u can do is guard the beaver with the argent while it farms normally
  8. Woodsman

    That moment when...

    that moment when u realize ur the only person in ur tribe still playing
  9. Woodsman

    What is the Mid-Game Goal

    midgame is to build a large base usually box like in shape then get all the industrial equipment tame all creatures on the map just for ur collection but also to set up a egg farm build a hatchery inside the large box base maybe build a large water pen too but it depends on the map get turrets and plant turrets set up around your base usually build a few vaults and fill it with metal and weapons
  10. Woodsman

    Top Dinos Right Now

    because he has to post things to get into the trading forum
  11. Woodsman

    Help me out here, please guys

    u can try the house boat strategy then just sail away when ever there is trouble
  12. Woodsman

    Can someone help me

    being attacked by a wild spino is really weird usually u can stand next to them and they wont even see u
  13. Woodsman

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    i think the rank system can offer some protection i had a new recruit steal a giga on a new server when i hadnt set up the rank system yet also a good idea to build a vault room to keep valuable and weapons especially explosives ark brings out the worst but also the best of people im certain people on ur server will give u tons of tames after they find out what happened as long as ur not some jerk on that server of coarse im starting to remember other times where a tribe member took a bunch of tames and left the tribe but many times they tamed or helped in taming those tames
  14. Woodsman

    Epic settings are not so epic?

    it could be your monitor im using a 42 inch tv and noticed text is a little burry
  15. Woodsman

    Land Grabbing / Ark Rules

    its like the great land grab of Australia first come first serve one of the aftermath of homestead could be people wanting more land for their crazy builds the land issue is the remaining issue for the devs to fix if possible