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  1. Woodsman

    Franchise dead to a salty Steamer

    is this possible? or what is cross platform? i would buy a xbox if i could play all my steam games on it
  2. Woodsman

    Heavy mass transfers via Transmitters

    they could get rid of cloud storage n do direct server to server transfers u put items in the obi without a timer then send them to the destination server. once sent items are held for 15 mins before being transfered items in an obi would still be stored on that server the obi is on
  3. Woodsman

    Wood gathering dinos

    the best would be a rock golem and u wouldnt have to worry about wild dinos either the fastest would be a rollrat if ur base is far from trees beaver is good if ur base only has a regular gate and need to travel across water theri does farm the most but not good on weight or speed as stated mammoth is probably the easiest wood getter to tame bronto is really good for wood on se mantis is the funnest wood mount to use also considered the best by some just a very versatile farmer if ur a noob and cant tame any of these a good source of wood is to raid beaver damns
  4. Woodsman

    The Serious Problem

    Official small tribe server is your answer
  5. Woodsman

    Tranq arrows or darts

    its a faster fire rate also the crossbow has a reload bug where when u try to fire an arrow it will go through the process of reloading even though it appears loaded to u but this might be from the lag but using the bow i just unload as many arrows as possible quickly then use the owl to heal if it gets too bloody then shoot it some more then wait for it to drop
  6. Woodsman

    Tranq arrows or darts

    so no one else is using an ascendant regular bow and a snow owl?
  7. Woodsman

    Rumors of vaults being raided on PVE

    any pin-coded storage box can be broken into on pve i found this out a few years back when doing trades for boss fights back in the day
  8. Woodsman

    Joining the Tribe of Rock Drake Masters

    the thing thats lacking for the rock drake is the variety like how wyverns have: fire lightning and poison n ice or maybe have a rock drake wood drake thatch drake and metal drake where each drake could farm each resource with their head butt attack
  9. Woodsman

    is it worth it? Is it worth coming back?

    go play atlas lol
  10. Woodsman

    What is 'Mesh Memory' ?

    hmmm mesh memory i would guess its something like rendering a single mesh would set the rendering of all the other same mesh copies. like if u have 20 rexes after u render the first one all the other rexes have there mesh rendered from the same source as the first rex or its could just be a way to cache the mesh onto the client instead of having it render from the server each time the first guess is like a way that some scripts are used to save server cycles since alots game assets are just duplicates
  11. Woodsman

    Help naming a Rex

    Siberian Cyclone Terra T-Rex
  12. Woodsman

    Wasteland or city?

    building in the waste land is a way for more experienced players to challenge themselves if they get bored with the game. it would require alot of upkeep and expect it to get damaged so kind of like pvp in ways. as far as geography ive seen lots of great places for a base. first off theres no other bases out there so its completely open land no pillars or neighbors to deal with. lots of lakes and water sources. there are spots with metal nods but there no single spot with a high concentration. kind of lacking in sources really
  13. Woodsman

    Who thought Manas were a good idea?

    the gasbagger is a real life animal? i dont think ive ever seen anything remotely close to it
  14. Woodsman

    Who thought Manas were a good idea?

    i think wc was just running out of ideas for new tames, just look at the gasbagger
  15. Woodsman

    What Tek Saddles would you like to see?

    gacha tek saddle: increases it speed 10x