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  1. Claiming OSD and the Loot If u claim an osd when it starts then finish and eject the loot, can other people still pick up the loot when its on the ground?
  2. i noticed the dragon on val was harder after the last update the breath attack seem to do more damage now but not sure
  3. get a giant turtle and use bubble breath on the brontos
  4. yes the computers ram the gtx card ram cant be changed but 6 gigs isnt too bad adding ram is pretty easy on newer laptops u dont even have to open the laptop case just a little door that covers the ram
  5. what u could do is increase ur ram because 8 gigs isnt that much for gaming also how much ram does ur gfx card have (i would guess 4 or 6) there is a good chance that increasing ur ram to 12 or higher would fix ur graphics problems and it wouldnt cost that much maybe $50
  6. best way would be to use the minigun u would need to trap it or distract it somehow maybe with fireworks then gun it down with the minigun
  7. take a cross country trip on a raptor stopping at each of the three obelisks while carrying your most valuable blueprints
  8. instead of waiting for some changes to be made on how alliances work why not just put in some base defenses to defend yourself against pve raiders put in some turrets and a vault room with a few layers of walls and have some dinos on guard i dont think pve raiders are going to be too hard to stop
  9. run to a trike and get them to fight each other by not hitting the trike urself then stand back and wait the out come
  10. i think ur suppose to use the pheromone dart for a quetz not shoot the quetz with it but use it on urself or ur mount near it
  11. i agree with the op most bad events are from people being careless but then they are just posting here to vent some recent ones like blaming wc because u joined an alliance leading to ur base being destroyed by being dragged into a war well thats just silly to blame anyone but urself
  12. u can wait for a steam sale or move to a 3rd world country where its cheaper
  13. the latest theory is that our 3d reality is a hologram or simulation so basically we are in some powerful video game and quantum mechanics is where realty breaks down which gives us the clue that its all fake each time the video game is a played a different world is created so this is how u get the multi world universe
  14. pound for pound dire bear would be the strongest
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