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  1. It appears the removeallworldbuffs command no longer works, so we are stuck with it. Yay. I may have to disable missions on my server and this makes me very sad. Wish they would fix this bug. Its beyond annoying at this point.
  2. Note: They did fix the boons so they no longer reset after a reboot - so my temp fix is squashed and you have to wait out the timer. The other option is to run this commandline from the admin window: Cheat removeallworldbuffs This removes all the world buffs and helps with the issue although it does remove every world buff as well. Hopefully WC comes up with a fix soon because this is really very annoying.
  3. Environment: Unofficial Dedicated Cluster, The Lost Remnant Platform: Xbox/Win10 Crossplay Map: Genesis Part 2 Mission: Slide and Glide (Gamma, Beta and Alpha) Expected: Slide and Glide mission Baby Boon on completion will boost baby maturation at boon start and at the end of the boon the maturation resets to ini settings. No other settings are effected by this boon. Actual: Slide and Glide mission Baby Boon effects baby imprinting settings. Resets all imprints to be 1% per imprint, ignoring ini file settings. The settings are reset to 1% when the boon starts and again
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