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  1. Play on a private server, that poop doesn't happen on ours Official is dead to me.
  2. You are the first person I hear that has said that. 99% of what you find online is people complaining about the terrible sli optimisation and just the game's performance on high end gpu's in general being really bad. Both of my cards get good usage, around 70-85% but FPS is just as bad as single GPU. I will try the fixes above and see if it helps. No it does not, especially at 1440p. At 1080p with a 1080 you should be able to get 60 by disabling some of the advanced features but yeah you are right you cannot max every single setting and get it (game's fault not your hardware).
  3. I am about to try these settings out on my 1080 SLI PC as well. Been getting the fire particle effect bugs with SLI enabled and just generally not much of a performance boost even though my cards run at 2100mhz together Thank you for the write up!