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  1. On the Center you have to go nearly all the way down to where the glowing plants are.
  2. Insane lag on Extinction 458 as well. Had 6 dc's in 1 hour and in the time I am connected, it's constantly rubberbanding.
  3. No, this is a limitation of the game unfortunately.
  4. Building in caves is not possible on official PvE servers.
  5. Remove getting dragged into war with allies on PvE I've heard from several people that chinese are abusing the alliance system to raid bases on PvE. One of them joins an alliance with them and then others go to war with that person (which drags all others in that alliance into that war too). This is clearly not intended on PvE. This forces people to leave every alliance with people they don't fully trust with the safety of their base.
  6. There is no need for an adult Gacha to raise a baby.. just set the baby to wander inside a dino leash, keep it rendered, and done...
  7. No boosted rates on Valguero 513. It says Valguero is included so I should expect Valguero to be included, right?
  8. When can we expect asian servers so EU (PvE) servers aren't full of [][][][] and unaccountable players? So many toxic chinese players who are constantly luring or purposely blocking people or blocking spawns with foundations and no way to tell who is who. Don't want to spend half my Ark time on reporting and the other half on dealing with corrupted giga's/lvl 300+ wyverns being lured into sanctuary.
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