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  1. What people do with their free time is their business. Some people are still in lockdown and won't have a chance to go on holiday this year, so why you judging them for taking time off to do what they enjoy? And no, most people don't think they're trying to trick the playerbase, but I do think they lack communicative skills.
  2. I don't care that it's delayed, but I do care that we've been left in the dark once again. They should've been up front with us. People take time off work for a DLC to their favourite game.
  3. You guys make it really hard for us to take you seriously at this point. Why do you guys have to do this literally less than a week before the actual release? You would've known this a month ago... People are excited to play your game and take time off work to play it and then you move the release. For the love of GOD, give the community a proper notice for ONCE. This happens every damn release you guys bring out.. it's ridiculous.
  4. Do you have another character stuck in the cloud? Try joining a random server and check the download character list. If it's greyed out, you might have a character stuck in the cloud somehow. Sometimes it will take a long time for your implant to show up as well. This seems to be a new thing. If you don't have your implant in your inventory, you have to wait at the transmitter/obi for it to show up. My friend has had to wait for several minutes sometimes, even up to 15 minutes once.
  5. I reckon he meant baby phase. After that it doesn't take much effort to raise 1 giga.
  6. Insane lag on Extinction 458 as well. Had 6 dc's in 1 hour and in the time I am connected, it's constantly rubberbanding.
  7. There is no need for an adult Gacha to raise a baby.. just set the baby to wander inside a dino leash, keep it rendered, and done...
  8. No boosted rates on Valguero 513. It says Valguero is included so I should expect Valguero to be included, right?
  9. When can we expect asian servers so EU (PvE) servers aren't full of [][][][] and unaccountable players? So many toxic chinese players who are constantly luring or purposely blocking people or blocking spawns with foundations and no way to tell who is who. Don't want to spend half my Ark time on reporting and the other half on dealing with corrupted giga's/lvl 300+ wyverns being lured into sanctuary.
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