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  1. Have to say, I tried to get back into this game on Xbox (running a dedicated on my windows server). The update lag alone was enough to put us off playing again, but then still having the issues connecting to the server we had playing a couple years ago (running dedicated hosted on an xbox) pretty much killed it for us and we moved on again. I check in every once in awhile to see if anything has changed..... Well, everyone in this thread knows the answer I keep getting.
  2. Yup, we're still waiting on this update for windows store. Would be really nice to have on my server so it quits wiping the save file too.
  3. Still no update to be had on Windows 10 for my host server, my scripts to reload the backup work, but it's an annoying extra step.
  4. General mods won't ever be added for xbox, some functions and parts of S+ were added to the base game (pick things up, triangle foundations/etc). Only mods that will be added are ones that are added officially by WC.
  5. They said it was fixed in the patch notes, but it wasn't.
  6. Yup, just tried starting up our server again on Valguero and watched it delete the file as soon as I clicked the host server button. Not sure why this is so difficult to fix. What different process does this go through over the other maps that causes the file to be deleted.
  7. Might want to checkout the link I posted here if you don't do this:
  8. It does seem to be working, someone has managed to access the server now. Still questionable on if this saved correctly from when I played Saturday night to troubleshoot this stuff though, which is a bit disconcerting. Thanks for the confirmation on the above though.
  9. I found this link: https://support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/docs/testing-with/running/via-rdp/keeping-computer-unlocked.html Let me know if you have something better, I'll have to wait until tonight to actually test it though.
  10. This sounds similar to what mine is doing. I've noticed that if the remote desktop connection is not held open I can't connect to the server. Tested it quite a few times and shortly after hitting disconnect on my remote desktop session the xbox will say it lost connection to the host. Makes it unplayable for me at this point. Not sure if this is an Ark change or a Windows change, but something is buggered.
  11. Windows 10 Hosting Issues I've been running a server on windows 10 for a few months without issue (mostly). I took a break during the whole valguero debacle, but now I'm having issues connecting to the server. If I'm connected via remote desktop to my server, everything works great. As soon as I disconnect my Xbox can no longer connect to the server and I get dropped from the game. Any ideas around this? I'm guessing this is more of a windows change possibly, am I just hosed?
  12. what is the command you are trying to use? do you have it prefixed with "admincheat"? I've found that when a command isn't working it's generally a syntax issue (I've had times where I found it's just not a supported command on Xbox as well).
  13. I have this issue playing on Xbox (with server running on Windows 10). Every time there is a restart to the server app the admin list is empty.
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