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  1. So does anyone know any good ones that doesn't just do let's plays but builds, tips, tricks and whatnot.
  2. I'm looking to build a base on Rag pve and having a hard time finding a location. Does anyone know any spots that are usually left alone that I can get for myself. I have 20 behemoth gates ready to put up, I just need to find a place.
  3. Does a higher kibble like exeptional kibble work the same as a lower tier kibble on a lower tier dino? So would exeptional kibble work the same on ptero if i used ptero tier kibble or is it better?
  4. So does anyone have a list of the best and easiest to tame dinos to have from each kibble tree?
  5. Won't that just set it to official rate, anything between 5-150? I just want 150's to spawn.
  6. Is there a way to set all wild dino levels to 150?
  7. I'm currently getting low level dinos spawning on my SP game, anyone know how to change it so it spawns high levels like on official?
  8. I'm playing on Single player and the dinosaurs are spawning at low levels like 1 or 4. Anyone know the settings to change it to like official settings? Going from 5-150?
  9. Players don't make the rules though, you can't enforce player rules. I'm not going to argue, your comparison is not comparable since it's data Vs reality. You call people bad because they play a game as intended. Just because it's unliked doesn't mean you can create your own rules to stop.
  10. I don't personally don't kill passive tames or anything, but people have the right to and doesn't make people Satan. You're creating personal rules that you onforce onto people and treating to harm a person over them playing the game as intended. Yeah it might be a sausage move but they have ever right to do it.
  11. Thought I'd be in for all out warfare but people complain because you attack them and ask why you did it. I mean it's PvP and they complain they were attacked.. Seems like these servers are just friendly servers with tribes helping and trading with eachother. Isn't this considered teaming, I mean all tribes should be against eachother. Global chat should be disabled, since it promotes teaming and tribes working together, but that can be worked around since PSN and gamertags. Seems just like normal servers.
  12. We've already had and they didn't.
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