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  1. AceVP

    No Session Found error

    I can't even play the game because of this issue even tried restarting xbox still "NO SESSIONS FOUND!" 😡
  2. Hello Wild Card. Xbox One Version of Ark: Survival Evolved ISSUE 1: No Sessions Found! I get this a few times a week and its really annoying. Search is on default setting "All Maps" "All Modes" and by "Name" and it does this saying *NO SESSIONS FOUND*, why do i always have this issues? Closing the game does not work by going home screen on Xbox then pressing the start / menu button and quitting the game from running reload and it still does same thing. Why is this such an issue and so hard to find my servers or any server for that matter. Its been an issues since day one release of the game in early access and still has the same issue over a year or more later. Issue 2: when searching i cant stop the search I have to leave the screen. I should be able to stop the search anytime and change the settings to what i want.. I always have issues switching from unofficial to official servers i have to wait like 10 minutes b4 i can switch the search over to the other sometimes... Issue 3: Why do you have this blue on blue menu in game play and server list... Im color blind and the menu is so hard to read i have to get 3 feet from my tv to read anything and its a 45" tv... I hated the whole blue menu look since it was added with all the blue hexagons. So annoying the colors.. Why not black and white. Issue 4: I lost all my costumes and skins I use to spawn with them on death but so many is missing. I cured my self from swamp fever and no vampire eyes, use to have bunny skin & birthday suit and many things i have a lot of the achievements and none show up that i should be getting. Issue 5: Why is costumes not in a folder by default in menu that don't need to be thrown down all the time, the items in the item menu is so freaking annoying and horrible having to clear my inventory all the time from costumes and things. Issue 6: Why is building so clunky and hard to place some things, It shows it will place one way and then it places another way and platform building or boat building is annoying. Im a pro builder but it still shouldn't be so hard to place things i waist things because of this lame issue. Why is it so hard to find the servers? Please fix this because its so freaking annoying. Server screen need to be re-works. Its shouldn't be so hard to find freaking servers.
  3. AceVP

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Lol i can just think of a Tek Rex Alpha that spawns shooting and wiping small people I hate skins anyhow all they do is get in the inventory folder in the way always.
  4. AceVP

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Lol i can just think of a Tek Rex Alpha that spawns shooting and wiping small people Such a lame update... I can wear my cardboard cut out of a dino i want but cant tame
  5. AceVP

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Yeah never seen a bigger disappointed update ever... That's lame we cant tame these dino's its pretty lame to slap a countdown on this... Why not just give us skins... I never use skins anyhow.. Well back to CONAN EXILES 😍
  6. AceVP

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Yeah never seen a bigger disappointed update ever... That's lame we cant tame these dino's its pretty lame to slap a countdown on this... Why not just give us skins... I never use skins anyhow..
  7. AceVP

    Rex Roar Sounds

    Well the rex is the iconic Jurassic park roar.. Sounds like it be more realistic then a raspy roar that sounds like he having a hard time. So thats why i dont like the new one at all. Being big light an elephant would have a loud roar.. The new one just sounds like its having hard time roaring.
  8. AceVP

    Rex Roar Sounds

    What happened to the Rex's Roar, it sounds more like he has a sore throat now... Not played ark in long time.. LOL i dont like rex's anymore the sound of the roar isnt very beastly sounding anymore. Sad. Must say the Raptors are amazing now though.
  9. AceVP

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Dear, WildCard Here is a server suggestion idea. WATER WARS - Server... All land building is off limits only boat building with with the limit of the amount of object able to be placed on a boat platform increased. Cost of motor boat should be reduced to not need black pearls. It will be a sever for all out water war mayhem simple but fun see how everyone can adapt to the ship life. Sever should have 4x boost to all the major things Harvesting, Taming & Breeding. (Note: Quetz Platforms should be removed. Maybe all other platforms too from engram list.) But maybe allow other platform tames to have platforms other then quetzals so they can have just mobile land bases or submarines using the Plesiosaur & Mosasaurus platform saddles. Only a thought though... Can remove all platforms or what ever you think is best WildCard. Thanks ⚓
  10. AceVP

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    DEAR; WILD CARD Here is some idea's i had in my mind a long time. FACTION WARS SERVER: When starting out you make your character & choose a "FACTION" there will be 3 factions to pick from RED, Blue, & Green. So what is a faction: A Faction is like a mega tribe, Everyone in the faction is auto alliance for once cause to fight with the other 2 factions. You will still be able to start a tribe and play just with you friends but you will be in an alliance with Red, Blue, or Green witch ever you choose. About the game mode: FACTION WARS, Factions will have have to protect each other from getting wiped in a faction war against the the other factions. (NOTE: The fallowing below is just extra idea to add to the part above if wanted) A thought if you would like to add to the mayhem can make it so each faction has to protect the Obelisk Towers that is matched with there faction color. Only that faction can build close to the Obelisk the faction of the same color as the obelisk. Also pressing the button at the obelisk console will grant your faction 4 days of 1.5x Boost to all Taming, Harvesting & Breeding on top of standard ark multipliers. The catch is to try to press the button at each Obelisk to gain a extra 1.5x boost to all Taming, Harvesting, & Breeding. This only works if you already have one active. It will show in your menu or on the screen hud like Red, Blue, or Green witch ever you have active & all will have a 4 day real life active timer how long it will be active. If you press all 3 Obelisk buttons before your Boost Timers run out for each Obelisk you will get to level your character to 115 and keep it while the server is up. Thanks.
  11. I was wondering how to rent a Xbox One Ark Server. When in main menu of the game says in the updates that there is "Rental Servers" now. How and where is this located because I have poor internet and I would like to rent a server for "XBOX ONE" for anyone to come play but having my settings I can enter for a Tiny Bit Boosted Server... Can someone help me? Also is it ran from Windows PC for the Xbox One, because of it saying on Xbox "Windows Rentable Servers"?
  12. Dear, WILDCARD Join ARK > Session List > Session Filter: Changing of the "Session Filter" has always been a pain and annoying and something that really needs fixing. Issue is you can't change the "Session Filter" till all of the server is loaded. I switch between "Player Dedicated ARKS" and "OFFICIAL DEDICATED ARKS" often and it should not take 10 minutes to wait for every server to load to switch the "SESSION FILTER", You should be able to change it at anytime and it would restart the search to the new preference, But it does not do that. It really needs to be fixed to allow you to change any search settings on the fly. Its unable to be selected though while any servers are loading and then once all servers is loaded then it will let you change. Sometime the process is so slow or it freezes that I have to restart the game. Thank You and Hope This Can Be Fixed.
  13. AceVP


    Also i think the club blue prints should not increase damage only durability... Its very stupid wearing riot gear or something lame and getting knocked out by a group of trolls with a club... So freaking stupid. Like Ascendant Clubs with massive damage is so lame. I can see getting knocked out by electro pod. But a stick really?
  14. AceVP


    yeah, Jelly fish are kinda annoying too.. there not to hard to avoid but yeah! Should poison you and up the spawn rate of the ell. if they want shocking things
  15. AceVP


    Hope to get some comments.