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  1. cut the guys some slack, they are doing this for us. It’s a pain to get delays, but what, you are just gonna buy it again aren’t ya
  2. Still haven’t fixed the mana despawn glitch on island, so much for listening, it’s not like I put in 4 tickets and bug reports
  3. Managarmrs as of the first bug fix with the ice breath hit box, were broken. But they were meant to be a counter for turrets and other flying dinos. If people wanted a nerf, so many things could have been done, such as I don’t know, GET A MANAGARMR!! It’s like asking for a nerf on gigas because rexes don’t stand a chance or a nerf on wyverns cause pteranodons don’t stand a chance. If y’all really like ark and are in a SEMI DECENT tribe, y’all wouldn’t complain cause y’all could have an awesome managarmr battle. Our tribe had 4 active people, and we had the best managarmrs on the server, includ
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