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  1. cut the guys some slack, they are doing this for us. It’s a pain to get delays, but what, you are just gonna buy it again aren’t ya
  2. Still haven’t fixed the mana despawn glitch on island, so much for listening, it’s not like I put in 4 tickets and bug reports
  3. Ark Casual Donation events I heard rumor awhile ago that there was supposed to be a donation event for charity. I was thinking that there should be a donation event for game development every 2-3 months, where all profits go towards the game. The only way Wildcard makes it’s money is through purchases of the game and it’s map expansions. It would be a great way to make money for development of bug fixes and other stuff, and would probably make more money than charity events would. I would donate because I would love this game even more if the little stuff could be fixed, and I think this is a great way to do it. Maybe make it take 1.5x the amount of donations to increase the multiplier, idk
  4. Managarmr nerf has gone too far!!! I’m bringing this topic back again in hopes that they fix managarmrs. They were OP in PVP and PVE because of everything about them. WC did a bunch of good little things to nerf, but too many that makes them absolutely useless. Nerfing breath distance was a good idea. The only problem I have with it is that it only does damage half of the way through it, which is really stupid considering I am blasting something with an ice beam. I mean lightning wyvern’s breath is crazy range and no one cares to nerf it. The stamina usage was nerfed, along with the stamina regen delay timer and regen speed. It’s like they are just meant to fall and die now. My biggest pet peav with people thinking they were too broken for PVP is that, they could have them as well. Managarmrs kill managarmrs, it’s that simple. Y’all always say that now 150 dinos are useless. FALSE, step one on raiding, ONLY IF ENEMY IS ON, kill managarmrs with yours. After that, the are kinda useless. After that, snow owls are broken cause it takes a stego and a snow owl to drain all turrets. If they are offline, why even use managarmr? Gigas do the work faster and easier. Come on guys, saying that all other dinos are useless against them is bull because you have the ability to get managarmrs yourself. They are a game changer, so adapt. Now you have a more irritating tame, the snow owl, which can literally keep healing dinos. Now what do you do huh? They got a snow owl being defended by people and dinos. You gonna snipe them? Nope cause they will find and kill you before you kill the snow owl. And what if the have more than one, its not like they are hard to tame. If only you have something that could reach them while keeping the player safe. If you are fighting smart people, ha good luck getting raided and losing
  5. Managarmrs as of the first bug fix with the ice breath hit box, were broken. But they were meant to be a counter for turrets and other flying dinos. If people wanted a nerf, so many things could have been done, such as I don’t know, GET A MANAGARMR!! It’s like asking for a nerf on gigas because rexes don’t stand a chance or a nerf on wyverns cause pteranodons don’t stand a chance. If y’all really like ark and are in a SEMI DECENT tribe, y’all wouldn’t complain cause y’all could have an awesome managarmr battle. Our tribe had 4 active people, and we had the best managarmrs on the server, including MEGA TRIBES! Nothing should have changed cause smart people could have defended against it. Natural selection would have occurred. Why nerf something to uselessness when it was accessible to literally everybody? It doesn’t make sense. They are a game changing dino, so we’re things like reaper kings and wyverns and griffins when they were first released.
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