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  1. Supertoto

    Where are Jesse and Jeremy ??

    But Jeremy is also the Co-founder of Studio Wildcard
  2. Supertoto

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    It's named "Atlas", not "ARK: Atlas" ! There's no mension of ARK in the trailer !
  3. Supertoto

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Yeah, also the characters, animations, particles, textures, structures, scripts and emotes ! And... I think the bugs too !
  4. Supertoto

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    No, it's a a new game ! Look at the water, this is not the water of ARK at all ! Also, we don't see the ARK logo and the Studio Wildcard in the trailer ! So it's a new game by Snail Games and like Pixark and Dark an Light, they just took the ARK assets and codes to make a new game, which is ridiculous ... But it's Snail Games !
  5. Supertoto

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    It's the new game of SnailGames ! Snail Games is just using the assets and codes of ARK to make a pirate game, like they did with Dark and Light. In a way, they steal Studio Wildcard's work.
  6. Supertoto

    Scorched Earth Ending?

    I hope hope they will talk about that before the launch of Extinction...
  7. Why is it still named "Community Crunch" ? x) "ARK News" or "ARK weekly news" will be better I think
  8. Yeah sorry for the title ^^' I totally agree with you for the sequel of the survival game, I just said that I would love to see a narrative game based on the ARK story
  9. Supertoto

    Ready to quit!!

    "ressurect dinos" that's the mobile version, right ?
  10. I said a "SPIN-OFF" ! Not an actual sequel, that would make no sense to make a narrative sequel to a survival game
  11. By "players" you mean you ?
  12. That's not the subject of this thread but why not
  13. Why ? There’s a story behind ark ! But I understand that you don’t like narrative games
  14. I think a movie would be a bad idea because it's difficult to summarize the story of several characters in 2 hours or less