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  1. Also, what is the giant ring space station that we see in the sky of the Ocean biome? Is this the space colony that we saw in the end cutscene? If that's the colony, then why it's in the simulation too? I don't quite understand that...
  2. Implant during the end cutscene Hey! In case you didn't see it, our character has an implant during the end cutscene (and not in the simulation). Is this a mistake from Wildcard (like they used the old "arms cutscene" model)? Or is it a detail that we should think about in the story?
  3. Corrupted Master Controller doesn't have voices and subtitles The Corrupted Master Controller (final boss of Genesis) doesn't have voices and subtitles in the non-english versions of the game.
  4. Really? There’s a secret note at the end of the credits? Do you have a picture of it or a video, please? Edit: I found it! Here's the message:
  5. Setting for Unofficial to allow us to grind up the Mission Loots A server setting to allow the players to grind mission loots would be nice!
  6. +1! Really want to know more about Helena’s story
  7. We have a teaser now In the last community crunch
  8. ARK is a sci-fi game, not a dino game... It has dinosaurs yes, but with all those TEK things, implants etc, it's mainly a sci-fi game.
  9. It's Diana trying to communicate with us! Or Rockwell...
  10. It's not WC, it's Snail Games! WC is just listenning to orders
  11. No... WC please you HAVE to get out of the hands of Snail Games! I don't know if they own you entirely but you have to do something ?
  12. Why is it still named "Community Crunch" ? x) "ARK News" or "ARK weekly news" will be better I think
  13. Happy Birthday ARK ! Can't wait for the next and final DLC and the end of the countdown to see what is the "archeological event" !!
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