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  1. Yeah sorry for the title ^^' I totally agree with you for the sequel of the survival game, I just said that I would love to see a narrative game based on the ARK story
  2. Supertoto

    Ready to quit!!

    "ressurect dinos" that's the mobile version, right ?
  3. I said a "SPIN-OFF" ! Not an actual sequel, that would make no sense to make a narrative sequel to a survival game
  4. By "players" you mean you ?
  5. That's not the subject of this thread but why not
  6. Why ? There’s a story behind ark ! But I understand that you don’t like narrative games
  7. I think a movie would be a bad idea because it's difficult to summarize the story of several characters in 2 hours or less
  8. A Netflix series or a novel would be nice as well !
  9. I was thinking about ARK and it's potential sequel and I think that an Adventure/Narrative game would be awesome, he can also be a spin-off! The game would be called "ARK: Chronicles" sort of episodic, each episode would have the name of the survivor being played, and by survivor, I mean a survivor from the Explorer Notes (like Helena, Rockwell, Diana,...). As they develop an episode of "ARK: Chronicles", they will still be able to develop new content for the original survival game! So, every episode would put us in the shoes of a survivor from the Explorer Notes: First Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Helena" (I'm not good at creating titles): We could play Helena's arrival on the Island until the end of her story in Extinction, or maybe even go beyond Extinction. We would see why not sequences where Helena studies dinosaurs and create the famous Dino Dossier, her meeting with the other characters and her Ascensions. Second Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Rockwell": Like Helena, we could play his arrival on The Island until its transformation in Aberration, we would know a little more about his reasons to inject himself with Element. We could see sequences where Rockwell studies the plants and create the famous Rockwell recipes. Third Episode: "ARK: Chronicles - Mei-Yin Li": Like the others, we could play his arrival too until the end of her story. We could find out more about his taming skills and the reason why everyone calls her the "Queen Beast". And others Episodes for others characters like Diana. The characters who have not survived for a long time could appear in the episodes of the main characters such as Nerva (who was present only on The Island) or Rusty (who is the teammate of Diana on Aberration). That means there would be 3 or 4 main episodes! I really want to know more about their story because in an ARK: Survival Evolved, we arrive well after the events of the Explorer Notes and it's a survival game, so the story is only in the background! I think a sequel or a Spin-off where we would play their story would be really interesting! The story is very rich and very interesting and I think that in ARK it is not sufficiently exploited, which is really a shame because it has a real potential! I'd like to know your opinion on that, and if anyone from Studio Wildcard reads this I'd also like to know a lot about yours !
  10. Supertoto

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    ARK 2 needs a new engine, especially for the netcode
  11. Supertoto

    Future "Ice Age" or "Frozen Wasteland" DLC

    Who knows...
  12. Supertoto

    Can you make Steam Cards ?

    And also a Dodo or Jerboa emote for the chat on Steam
  13. Supertoto

    Future "Ice Age" or "Frozen Wasteland" DLC

    There's an Ice biome in Extinction with a giant Titan