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  1. The same here. I think it's the same person lol. I'll try to finish talks asap but with little kids at home it is sometimes impossible to turn on the ps4 I will update the outcome here. Added on later: well. If your still about joining just send me the cluster id on my PM. If we decide to join the other servers we can than do that without problems by changing the cluster id. No harm there. I'll like to stay on the Island. If you have still saves for scorched maybe you could have it up 24/7? I have to go to work now but feel free to pm me and i'll get back to you asap.
  2. Sorry for no response I was away. I did change some settings for my server. Resources last longer and I'm looking for more role players. Server is pvp but i'm not looking for rider parties or server wars. I want the players to be more co-op so I lowered xp gain. Taming is a bit faster for no timers. Server have to run without admin constantly looking for idiots that think killing others, stilling from them and raping they'r dinos is the best fun in the world. Before joining arks in cluster I will personally check the other servers that ppl are writing to me on PM or here. Sorry again for delay.
  3. I'm getting some questions on my PM so as a FAQ I'll post here: Q: How did you boosted your drops? Are they dropping more often? A: No, they are not dropping more frequently, they just spawn better items, eg.: pick that have 183% damage and it's apprentice or better, or saddles that have better armor for your dinos. I have done it by Nitrado standard server configuration.
  4. Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    Yes. I do have 2 servers from them. Currently 1 for Ark.
  5. Hi. I have a small server that I want to cluster with others that think like me. My server is with boosted drops (x2.5) and lowered water (0.6) and food consumption. As admins we do not abuse power or interact with world in any way. Just taking care of abusive players and griffers. I'm hoping to find other admins like me that have servers with maps other then The Island. Please PM me for details and propositions. Thanks
  6. Nitrado Cluster Servers?

    Hi. It's just like on the official servers. You are only allowed to move in the cluster. You can't take your stuff or dinos outside the cluster. So no stuff from single player too. Nitrado is saving all data from your server so if you change your map it saved and you can always get back to it.
  7. Game crash 513 error code CE-34878-0

    Just look the othet topics about the problem. We are all waiting. It's all about joining the pc servers. Game is crashing when loading the server list. If you want you can play official servers. First you have to delate your config file from Ark on your ps4. It's in the other topics too. Good luck
  8. PC-Console Hosting Question

    So if that depends from sony (authorisation keys) then we will not get it. Shame...
  9. PC-Console Hosting Question

    Would like to know that too. Hope someone can get an ETA for that.
  10. 247 Tribe Wars PvE Hi Survivals! We just started up a new dedicated server. Will are running 24/7 in UK. The idea of the game is simple. No single players bases. After you get to level 15-20 you have to join a tribe! Tribes have to be 3+ (already have 2 tribes) Ideal players will try to build little towns and have tribes 10+ We do aim for nice team play. If some of the tribes will have dispute over land/dinos etc. Tribe Wars is the solution. Reason for no PvP is we want to get rid of griefers and be more socialized community. Admins are not using cheats and will not help in wars or boosting players. Admins are not making any allies with other tribes but are there as a tribe that just play along with you and we can help with hunting and trade. Admins are leveling up as we play not by cheats. We want to have fun and be able to let out some steam too. So dont wait and join: TribeWars247
  11. Raft stuck in ice patch

    I had that. Destroyed my bed on the raft and than wiggled it out from the ice. Hope it will help you too.
  12. Hi. Maybe others will have that problem so I'm sharing. I have my raft with full house build on it, including bed and machines. I have docked it next to other player structure (not to close but still in the no build zone from his gate, I would say in the middle of the zone range). When I get off and roam the wildernes I was unable to get back to my raft as in use the Drive option. The only options availeble was to change name, destroy and play with the sail. I assumed it's a bug so I disconnected from the server and connected again. I was able to hit drive but the raft was steady as in no 'ocean motion' and the house was still moving as it was before. I noticed that the raft with the bed magically cliped and looked like steady elements while every other structure build on it was still functioning normal. On the top of my house I had my flying dino sitting. The fix that worked for me was to take the dino with me to the shore, tell him to stay there. That still didn't fix the issue. I reconnected to the server. Now all the eaft and the house and bed was clipped all together again but the raft was not moving. Everytime I hit drive the camera was positioning as 3rd person but facing direction I was looking before drive not like it should facing the direction of the raft. I reconnected again while in drive as I was unable to stop it. I was still on the raft. Everything was normal. After hitting drive again the same problem. I destroyed the bed. I reconnected to server The raft was fix. I swim a bit from other structures and placed a new bed on my raft. All is fix. No more issues! Happy days Hope it will help others. Btw I will not carry any more dinos with me till they fix everything.
  13. Vanishing tamed dinos

    The same happened to me on official dedicated PvE. My T-Rex just puf! in to the air when he was fallowing me. He never came back... or fall dawn. So maybe they'r not under the map? Sadly I didn't have my tribe so I don't have info in the book for him to die. Well, they say that the game is still not the full product. So let's hope it will be fixed.
  14. Hi. You can try on the server I'm playing. It's the official 181 PvE EU server Hope you will try it. Let me know if you do.