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  1. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    I play on SP, and I was wondering if there will be any changes to Riot armor. Currently it seems too heavy and expensive for little reward, in fact no reward once you find even ramshackle Flak armor. Keep up the good work!
  2. Can we have an option to allow dinos to carry relics again? For singleplayer this just forces a completely unnecessary amount of carting relics from home base to obelisks, if not a server option at least a console command.
  3. Harpoon/Spear Gun

    I feel like our aquatic handheld arsenal is lacking in the way that our only ranged weapon is the crossbow. I imagine it could work as the underwater equivalent of the compound bow. The durability would have to be a lot lower to simulate the pressurized gas expenditure, similar to the scuba tank, but the ammo should be cheaper compared to metal arrows to balance this. We could even have a biotoxin tipped harpoon, as this would be late game equipment, say level 80-85. Let me know what you think