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  1. Joining failed: Unknown Error

    Yeah but I would like some answers at least.... some sort of update?
  2. Joining failed: Unknown Error

    Yes is there anything being done? Been trying to join official servers on ps4 for 2 hours now. Done everything but reinstalling it. Hello WC are you there???
  3. 486 Lost Everything

    Please help this is insane. My whole base is destroyed and all my Dino's are gone. Please. Please fix this. I am also apart of this server. Kind of insane it was 6 hours ago this happened and nothing has been said. Not even an update.
  4. Crafting Ascendant Saddles?

    Go fishing and cave spelunking to get the argi saddles
  5. Ascendent Saddles, Dire Bear & Argi's

    I got to find where the darn sabertooth spawn in the center map. Tried coel with a 310% rod and got some Saddles but not any good dire bear ones heh. Need to go cave spelunking
  6. Ascendent Saddles, Dire Bear & Argi's

    Oh alright then holy cow you got lucky. Never gotten anything good from air drops. picked up hundreds by now haha
  7. Unlisted and Useful Hotkeys

    Is there a listing for PS4 commands? I cant really find anything only about it. Every now and then i will do something and have no clue how i did it on the ps4
  8. Ascendent Saddles, Dire Bear & Argi's

    But fishing seems to be the way to go to get these blueprints. Got the ascendant argi saddle bp the other day. Not a single dire bear one though. Hopefully today will yield a better catch. Going to swap bait and area. Going to try and fish in a cave to see what i get.
  9. Ascendent Saddles, Dire Bear & Argi's

    Fantastic! What cave did you find it in?
  10. Breeding Bears

    Because of the event I have gotten so many bears and only a couple have been getting the good stats. I have been killing the babies that aren't high enough level to make sense. Especially if they have the same or worse stats as the parents. I am now at 35 bears and even got a green mutation. Was hoping for another color since green is the only color mutation I have seen on the net. I am going to try that Smart Breeding program i have been reading about when i get home. I hope its as good as the reviews say it is.
  11. Breeding Bears

    Breeding Bears Hello there! I have begun breeding Dire Bears and have hit a wall. i can only get them to 230 - 235. Every time i catch a new bear its Melee is always the highest stat. I have caught over 20 (145-150) and this seems ridiculous. Is there something i am missing? Should i try taming lower levels to try to get those special stats like speed, stam, and heath? Thanks for your time.
  12. Ascendent Saddles, Dire Bear & Argi's

    Thank you! And thanks to everyone for responding to my topic. Guess its a good thing i have the ascendant rod already haha
  13. I have picked up hundreds of sky drops and deep sea loot drops and yet I can't find the even journeyman dire bear and argi saddle blueprints. Anyone got any idea where to find these bp's